Tips To Control Diabetes Without Medication

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Diabetes is a major issue especially if it is the type B. It needs to be treated immediately in order to get the whole disease fixed immediately. When you are diagnosed with diabetes type 2, the first thing that comes with it is shock to know you can face such an issue. Once the initial shock wears off, you are faced with a lot of physical issues.

When you visit your doctor, the first thing they are going to tell you is to get on with a strict diet. Yes, this means you will not be including most of the things you love in your diet. Come on that is the fact. Whatever you love is going to go off your reach. Next you will be asked to monitor your blood sugar levels. Well, this simply means you will need to go around the doctor’s place a little too much.


The third and the most important thing that you will be faced with when diagnosed with diabetes is to stay on medications. Now that cannot be interesting! Imagine popping in too many expensive pills. That is the worst part of curing diabetes, having just too many pills in a day. Well, there is a way to solve that issue too. You can cure diabetes without medication in the following way. This would definitely help you.


The Vegan Way

You will need to thrive on vegetarian lifestyle to ensure that your blood sugar levels go low. This means you will need to include whole wheat pasta, brown rice, high fibre cereals, corn, oatmeal and millets as part of your daily diet. You can include tomatoes, cucumber, carrots etc. as part of your diet. You should have broccoli too as it is good for your blood sugar.


Maintaining Physical Activity

In case you are looking to cure your diabetes the natural way i.e. without any medications, you should follow a regime. You will need to indulge in physical activity that will keep you fit and will help you shed those extra few calories that you have recently gained. This physical activity helps reduce the stored glucose and eventually the glucose present in your body. You will find that eventually the blood glucose level also drops thus curing your diabetic condition.


Drink Water

According to a study, people who are interested in curing their diabetic condition must drink lots of water. It is good to remember that when your body goes dehydrated vasopressin a hormone that helps body stay hydrated eventually makes the liver produce more blood glucose which can become an issue for the diabetics. This is why your body should always be hydrated.


Nuts to Diet

It is always good to include a handsome amount of nuts to your diet. It not just keeps you healthy but will also cure your diabetes in the most natural way possible. Almonds, peanuts etc. are defined to be high sources of fiber, Vitamin E and magnesium which is good for your health.


Fruity Diet

You should include fruits like oranges, grapefruit, lemons, berries etc. contain insulin which is known to control your blood sugar levels. This is the most natural way of controlling blood sugar level. You can also have pineapple, avocados, watermelon etc. to in case you are suffering from diabetes. Fruits are the best way to cure your body of diabetes.

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Story first published: Sunday, June 1, 2014, 14:04 [IST]
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