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Eating Habits That Cause Diabetes

By Madhu Babu

Diabetes due to unhealthy eating habits is becoming a common crisis among urban dwellers. With multinational companies promoting ready-to-eat processed food and their range of fast food range, people are getting addicted to a lifestyle that is prone to high risk of diabetes. The most troubling phenomena of this trend are youngsters, in some cases children, becoming obese. Obesity is a major health hazard that leads to diabetes and other chronic heart diseases that plague people with unhealthy eating habits.

It has been established that the onset of diabetes can be prevented if our food habits are corrected. Eating High Glycemic Index (GI) Foods, foods that are turned quickly into glucose are high GI foods, tend to create extreme spikes in the blood sugar levels. These include, white bread, pasta, carbonated drinks, refined flour baked items etc,. Consuming such foods on a regular basis exposes people to high risk of diabetes.

Saturated fats found in dairy and animal products are pro-diabetic. These are also referred to as trans-fats and are found in heavy quantities in packaged, fast food items. Red meat, dairy products and foods containing semi-hydrogenated oils are unhealthy. Diabetes is essentially the inability to maintain uniform sugar levels in the body. Hence, irregular eating habits due to stressful and busy lifestyle increase risk of diabetes. Habits such as skipping breakfast results in imbalance of sugar level in your body resulting in sugar cravings and hunger pangs.


Skipping breakfast

Skipping breakfast is a sin committed by most people against their hungry body, resulting in imbalance of sugar level in your body. This in turn makes you crave for sugar treats and hunger pangs.


Eating high GI foods

Eating high Glycemic Index foods such as white bread, pastas, pizzas, carbonated drinks etc, puts in direct risk of diabetes due to its unhealthy nature like zero fiber, quick digestion resulting in hunger pangs, and too much glucose released too quickly.


Consuming unhealthy fats

Not all fats are bad, good fats like unsaturated fats present in olive oil and fish are healthy. However, consuming deep fried foods, fast foods, processed packed foods which have lots of trans-fats and high level saturated fats is highly unhealthy.


Unhealthy snacking

No matter how healthy you eat, there will be some sort of craving for snacks. During such times, snacking on artificially sweetened snacks, deep fried snacks like samosa etc, instead of snacks like fruits result in diabetic risk.


Aerated and sugary drinks

Aerated and caffeinated drinks that are popularly consumed during snacks and meals is a highly unhealthy habit that causes serious health risks such as obesity and puts you in direct risk of diabetes.


Ignoring fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are rich source of nutrients and fibers that help your body in both sugar control and proper digestion. Ignoring them causes imbalanced sugar levels in your body risking diabetes.


Snacking in odd hours

Snacking on healthy foods is a good habit. However, munching on packed foods and other unhealthy options during odd hours like midnight strains your digestive system and spikes sugar levels.


Emotional eating

In todays busy and stressful lifestyle, people are prone to emotional stress. This results in over eating causing erratic weight gains and obesity putting you direct risk of diabetes due to improper sugar levels produced in your body.


Desserts after meals

It is a sinful marketing to feed people sweet sugary deserts such as ice creams and sweets after their meals. This puts strain on your sugar balance since your would have consumed enough sugar during your meal. Desert after dinner is even more risky since there is less activity to burn calories after dinner.

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