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6 Times When Sonam Kapoor’s Fashion Made Us Cry Our Eyes Out

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Sonam Kapoor needs no introduction. She has crafted her own niche in fashion. And now she is one of the most popular fashion icons in the country. Despite her famous family connections, Sonam has made it all by herself. (Well, a bit help from the dad, Anil Kapoor)

Sonam is known for her unique and eccentric outfits. She has the ability to shock people just by her mere appearance. The name Sonam Kapoor has become synonymous for the fashionista. And she has taken her fashionista image dead seriously.

She goes out of her ways to select pieces of her outfit. And who would not? When an entire nation looks up to you for fashion tips.

We totally get it. With a great designation, comes a great responsibility. In Sonam's case, the responsibility is to look good all the time. But it hurts to say that Sonam does go too edgy for a regular person's tastes sometimes.

In fact, we think Sonam has started to take her outfits way too seriously then required and what happens when you take thing too seriously, you are likely to ruin it. And that's exactly what we are going to cover in today's piece.

Though Sonam has acquired a great name in fashion, but she really needs to mellow down a bit. Some of her outfits have not only shocked us but made us cry out loud, especially when she is representing the country on international platforms.

It is high time that Sonam should start paying attention to her outfits more observantly and not just put on anything that is edgy or shockingly bad. And if she keeps following the same league, soon there will be a day when Sonam will get featured in every Worst Dressed Celebrities article across the internet.

To prove the point that fashionista has gone too overboard, we piled up a list of Sonam's worst outfits over the years. Scroll through and keep a tissue handy because these will make you cry in pain.


Sonam At Cannes Film Festival

This dress went viral because of its ugliness. Sonam became the butt of internet memes. Seriously, what was Sonam thinking when she added a cape jacket with a saree?


Emulating Rihanna?

Sonam did it again at Cannes. People said she was trying to pull off Rihanna. But she failed massively. The lime feathered gown is a plain eye sore.


At Star Dust Awards 2016

Here, Sonam is sporting a striped gown with a black winged bust. Sonam mistook awards for Maleficent premiere party.


At Star Screen Awards 2016

Edgy, overly defined. We get it Sonam: You are the fashionista and you love trying new things. But what exactly was the point of mixing embellished sleeves with a plain black ensemble?


Taking Ethnic Fashion Too Seriously

Here, Sonam has used a dhoti, a blouse and a cape in one outfit. Seriously, it is too hard to comprehend what is she trying to pull off?


At Filmfare pre-Party Bash

The padded shoulders for broad shoulders! Has it done any good ever, Sonam? Ever?

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