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Try These Stockings To Make Your Winter Stylish


Winter is here and it is time to re-shuffle your wardrobe for more and more warm clothes. While you choose the other warm clothes, you might be missing on something very important. What?

Well, it is nothing but a cosy yet sexy pair of stockings. Just a pair of stockings can look boring, nah! Try these different coolest designs of stockings that can make your winter warmer and sexier. You can mix-and-match with different attires too.


Plain Black Stockings

This one is the most common one. Black stockings are cliched? Not at all! They are always a saviour as they match with every dress and most colours, just like black leggings. You should possess at least one pair of black stockings and hopefully you already have one or more pairs. If not, we are speechless.


Wooly-Cot Stockings

Wooly-cot fabric is a combination of wool and cotton which gives you enough warmth to survive a Winter morning and afternoon. Alike other wooly-cot attires like T-shirts, trousers and gloves, stockings are also available. They are warm plus stylish. How is it stylish? Well, it is the simple yet thin texture which does not make you uncomfortable and they are also available in different prints.


Woollen Stockings

If it is too cold, especially for your evening stroll or nightclub parties, wool stockings are the best. Being the traditional woollen fabric, it might receive some point of ignorance, but they are always the best fabric to choose and they also come in different patterns, colours, designs. Some of them are also pop-coloured while some are embroidered. You can suit yourself.


Crochet Stockings

Crochet stockings are one of our favourites as they not just serve style but also make a look prettier. The crochet stockings create a classier appearance of the women who don them, making them one of the sophisticated ladies to stand out. We recommend you to possess this type of stockings to make your winter mornings brighter.


Striped Stockings

Stripes can be patterned or printed, the design might vary, but the striped stockings are very much in trend and can be a great style statement for winter. Stripes too have a variation and like shirts and tops, there are a lot of varieties available in striped stockings. Go hit the market or surf the Internet to grab the best of the bests.


Wired Stockings

Yes, we know what you are thinking. Wired stockings are for summer party wear, right? Not anymore! Though they have a transparent body, it does not serve any purpose during winter. That is something you might be thinking.

These days, wired stockings are also available with a base fabric, often warmer and transparent with a wired upper layer. They look sexy also and also serve the purpose.

A wise style, isn't it? To know more wise and trending styles like this, it is your job to get hooked to this site and spread the word.

Story first published: Tuesday, October 31, 2017, 18:57 [IST]
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