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10 Fashion Hacks To Use If You Have Flabby Arms


There is nothing more beautiful than being comfortable in your own body. More power to body positivity! It has made us aware of ourselves and celebrates whichever shape and size we are born with. Turns out there is no such thing as a perfect body anymore. Every BODY is perfect!

But, sometimes we all feel that there are particular parts of our body we wish we could change. Take thick or flabby arms for instance. It can make one conscious of the extra fat accumulated on the arms and restrict one to wear the outfit of their choice (common thinking? Sleeveless only enhances flabby arms).

Of course, the same can be tackled with a healthy diet and exercise. But what if you want to flaunt an off-shoulder style when dealing with thick arms? And if there is no time left?

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The good part is you can enjoy wearing off-sleeved dresses even if you have bulged-up arms. Read more to know all the hacks you can use to wear clothes of your choice, divert the attention from thick arms, and make you look stunning:


Go for V-Neckline

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It's a simple shape but works in your favor especially when you are not so happy with the whole thick arms situation. The elongated neckline forms a flattering silhouette that helps accentuate the arms from shoulders down. For formal and casual wear, pick tops that feature a V neckline. Also, subtle detailing on the same works too!


Choose Semi-Transparent or Lace Sleeves

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For those with flabby arms, there is no reason to hide your arms in full sleeves all the time. Pick a top or dress with semi-transparent or lace sleeves. The same can balance the shape of your arms and allow you freedom from long sleeves. If stitching or tailor-made clothing is your choice, then even better. You can design an outfit as per your preference.


Ditch Broad, Loose Sleeves

Image: Meesho

Avoid weaning sleeves that appear too long. The reason is, that these are mostly stitched with a broader margin, especially around arms which can make arms look broader. Also, avoid wearing clothes with loose sleeves. Always prefer fitted sleeves that can add enhance your silhouette and flatters you the right way.


Flaunt Asymmetrical Tops

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Tops and tees crafted with asymmetrical style look chic and works great when you want the attention diverted from thick arms. Pick either a sleeveless or off-shoulder top that makes stunning casual wear!


3/4 Sleeves are Common But Perfect

Image: Amazon

Three-fourth sleeves are the go-to choice for both casual and formal attire. Tops, tees, or shirts with such sleeves look effortless and practical. A fun detailing like lace or gathered pleats looks adorable too.


Go for Broad Straps Blouses

Image: Elahe

If you have been avoiding wearing a sleeveless blouse with your favorite saree, it's time to let go of the arms-shyness. Because you can wear a stunning sleeveless blouse without having to worry about flabby arms.

Just ensure that it has broad straps, as it will divert the attention from the arms to the neckline. And there is no restriction on the color, fabric, and style as well. Choose a blouse, that brings out the best in you!


Wear a Necklace

Image: Jaypore

If wide shoulders are a matter of concern for you, camouflage the same by flaunting a chic neckpiece. A pearl string, boho choker looks best with plain attire. You can also pick tops or blouses with attractive embellishments to elevate the visual outlook of the outfit!


Look for Effortless Sweaters

Image: Lulus

Sweaters are mostly knitted or crafted with thick materials like wool. That's why it makes perfect sense to choose ones that don't look too fitted or tight. Go for either loose-fitting or dropped shoulder ones. They look great when teamed up with your favorite denim.


Invest in a Smart Blazer

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For formal wear, go for a blazer that is tailored to your body form. The sleeves should be comfortable and don't feel extra stuffy or suffocated. Go for coats or blazers with shoulder pads. The ideal length of the jacket should be till your waistline. And yes, you can of course wear a sleeveless top or tee underneath!


Accessories to the Rescue

Image: Urbanlibaas

If strapless or sleeveless is your choice, then wear a neckpiece, scarf, or any other accessory over the shoulder to divert the attention from the arms. You could also let your hair down to enjoy the ensemble of your choice!

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