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Ladies, Here Are 5 Accessories To Elevate Your Boring Office Look!


When it comes to workplace styling, it can be challenging to choose the right piece of jewellery to enhance your look - after all, accessories express one's personality and boost one's self-confidence.

You shouldn't be wearing the extra bling to your professional space but that doesn't mean you have to be plain grey, right?

That's where we come in - here are 5 accessories to elevate your boring office look.


1. Stud & dangle earrings

Choosing small studs and hoops will make your face look small, at the same time - add just the right amount of interest to your outfit. Also - for an elegant look at work, little dangle earrings are perfect. They are light, simple, and classy.


2. A delicate chain

In the workplace, a delicate chain or necklace with only a single stone would be appropriate. Choosing a decent piece of jewellery will add glam to your outfit without drawing much attention. With a pendant and chain, you will definitely feel more confident in your outfit.


3. Chain bracelet

Bulky big bracelets that tinkle and create a nuisance should not be worn by anyone as they can hinder your hand movements, just as they can interfere with simple tasks like typing or nothing at all. Choose stylish and comfortable bracelets that will not disturb your colleagues or you.


4. Delicate ring

Rings are the ideal office wear jewellery that would well suit any outfit. If you choose an attractive ring, it will accentuate your elegant fingers, a delicate ring with a single stone, a band ring or a multi-stone ring will lift your spirits. You will be the talk of the room with this piece of jewellery.

You can wear rings as office wear jewellery regardless of what you are wearing for a majestic yet elegant appearance.


5. Pearls

Pearl strings are the perfect accessory for a less garish look in your office attire. They are sleek. They are elegant. And it is never too flashy for them!

Adding gold jewellery to a casual outfit is a sure way to elevate it. Layer gold pieces such as necklaces, bracelets, and rings to add refinement to the ensemble. And why not a Bindi too!

[image: pinterest]

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