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Have You Made A Note Of These 5 Essential Monsoon Accessories Yet?

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Monsoon is knocking our doors. So are you guys ready for this year's monsoon season? Yesterday we covered a story on Shoes To Flaunt During Rainy Days, we hope you got a good dose of fashion tips from there. 

We all know how to put together a look-book. While doing that, somewhere we forget to add the essentials. So today, in this piece, we are going to list 5 essential items of the monsoon season. 

I have heard people saying that monsoon doesn't offer many chances to dress up. But that's absolutely untrue. I think you can show off your beautiful ensembles in monsoon as well. All you need to do is follow a few simple styling tips. So before you put together your rainy day outfit, you need to take out your monsoon essentials. 

1. A Cutesy Umbrella: Since monsoon is more about accessories than the outfits, you don't want to leave your most highlighting monsoon accessory. You can invest in a cute umbrella to match your outfits. It's not only a fashion cheat sheet but also serves the purpose. 

Rainy Day Essentials

So this time when you're buying an umbrella re-think about the outfits you can match it with and then take a call. 

2. Rainy Boots: Many fashionistas forget to buy a good pair of rainy boots while they are busy getting ready for the monsoons. A pair of rainy boots are not only essential but also act as an accessory. You can go for lights shades or neons, whichever you go for, rainy boots will always amp up your rainy day outfit.

Rainy Day Essentials

3. A Bright Raincoat: Since it's also summer, don't forget to match the summer colour. A bright yellow raincoat gives the extra edgy touch to your outfit.

Rainy Day Essentials

4. A Transparent Bag Raincoat: Now there is no need to hide your Chanel or Gucci bags when you have a bag raincoat. Flaunt it with style. 

Rainy Day Essentials

5. Waterproof lipstick: In the makeup category, this is going to be your best friend. Always have a waterproof lipstick handy. 

Rainy Days Essentials

Let us know how did you find this article. 

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