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6 Shoes That Will Help You Take Over Monsoon Fashion Like It's No Big Deal

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It's the arrival of monsoon. While many like to stay indoors, watch the rain in their cashmere sweaters, and sip hot coffee, there are many others who like to jump and hop in the puddles. This is for those fashionistas who love to be out in the rain. 

There are many times when we are absolutely dumbfounded by monsoon fashion. As it doesn't offer many choices, unlike summer and winter fashion.But no more. We have the peppiest collection of shoes that you can flaunt this monsoon. Now, let your shoes do what your clothes do for you...

In this piece, we offer you 6 chic shoes that you can try this monsoon season and take over the monsoon fashion like it's no big deal:



Rainy Boots

While many go for neon colours, you go for pastels. This will help you coordinate your shoes and clothes well.


Neon Bellies!

Go for neon colours in bellies. In case your outfit is plain, you can add the charm of sparkling yellow.


Bow Bellies Never Go Wrong!

Turn your outfit ultra chic by adding flat bellies with a bow.


Ombre Shades Are In!

If you are not much of bows, try an ombre shade belly. It is simple and casual.


These Are Huge Hit!

Try something new this monsoon season? Then why not try these see-through shoes?


T-Strap Bellies

Go edgy with these t-strap bellies. Quite authentic.

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