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Do You Have A Big Butt? Here's What You Should Wear

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Women come in all shapes and sizes and all of them are beautiful in their own way. The principle is to flaunt it if you have it and carry it around with pride. Though sometimes it becomes a bit of a challenge to dress in certain styles due to your assets.

Women with big butts can sometimes find it challenging to dress in the right clothes to keep the attention on the clothes and not the butt. Wearing flashy fitted bottoms is a big no-no for women with big butts and so are most other skimpy bottoms.

So, we are here with a list of 7 basic wardrobe staples that all women with big butts could wear without thinking twice.


Flared Skirts

These skirts tend to flare out and not rest on or cling to your butt, thus making this style one of the most viable options for skirts. This also gives that added bonus of making your waist appear much smaller.



This beautiful Indian garment can make anybody look amazing if draped well. Sarees that do not cling too much and are of a heavier variety work better and look stunning.


Long Jackets

Anti-fit is a raging trend at the moment and what better way to pull it off when long jackets and throw overs are making a huge comeback. This look sits on the shoulders without hugging the rest of the body and is great for casual meets and parties alike.


Straight Fit Kurtis

Another wonderful Indian outfit, the kurtas have an ever-changing style and instead of opting for fitted kurtis with darts you could go for a straight cut one that falls better all the way down your frame.


Flowy Maxis

Maxis look great and work well for a lot of occasions and it is the perfect dressy outfit to make your posterior grab less attention. You could even cinch it up at the waist or wear it in a billowy style.



These types of pants should be worn in a proper way by women with big butts. The key is to make sure that the crotch does not sit too tight and the pants flare from the hips and not the thighs.


Low Rise Denims

When it comes to denims the perfect fit is essential no matter what size you are. High waisted denims tend to make your butt look bigger since the denims extend all the up to the midriff. Low rise is the way to go when your goal is to take the attention away from the butt.

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