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Tying The Knot? Steal These Beautiful Bridal Silhouette Ideas For This Fall-Winter!

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Winter is approaching and with winter comes the wedding season. It is a known fact that most weddings or rather Christian weddings happen during the winter. So ladies, if you're getting hitched this winter, then we definitely have the right thing in store for you.

Today, we at Boldsky would be discussing about bridal gowns and silhouettes. Yes, getting the right bridal gown for one's body shape and size is really important.

Fashion is what you wear and follow, so please do follow us to know about the latest "trending bridal silhouettes". One would always want to look fashionable and stylish at one's own wedding, isn't it? So we are here to make you look beautiful and gorgeous for your wedding. Girl, you definitely got to impress your man and shock the guests with your appealing and jaw dropping bridal look.

Wedding Gowns For Christian Brides

Fasten your seat belts, cause we're going on a ride to the land of bridal gowns and silhouettes. Welcome aboard. We've got some amazing bridal designs for you to choose for your wedding day. To know more, keep reading.

1. Sheath Gowns

Wedding Gowns For Christian Brides

Are you tall, an hour-glass figure and skinny? Well girl, this is the right option for you. Sheath gowns are fashionable, minimalist, elegant, elite and very easy to handle. Get rid of those heavy frills, flares, drapes, and just stick to light and feathery with this modern piece of bridal look.

2. Ball Gowns

Wedding Gowns For Christian Brides

The classic and most elegant of all. If you're too much of an emotional person and your mum wants to see you in that vintage designed bridal outfit, girl this is your option. Most of the ladies, are quite old school when it comes to weddings, so if you're one of those, then this vintage material is made just for you. Do not have the misconception that it is not in style, no, it is never out of style. Have a pair of lace gloves to complete the look. Also, if you got some baby fat, or a chubby waist, this outfit is the best to hide them.

3. A-Line Gowns

Wedding Gowns For Christian Brides

The name itself concludes, A-Line, which means the gown would look more like the letter A. This looks beautiful when it is embellished and is worn with elbow length lace gloves. You can also try out different colours, like pale pink, lavender, et cetera. This design is suitable for all body shapes and sizes. So this is an all time 'yes'.

4. Mermaid Gowns

Wedding Gowns For Christian Brides

Got those buttocks and curves to flaunt? Go for Mermaid gowns. These gowns are way too sexy and hot. They look good on tall, skinny, and hour-glass figured girls. If you got all these in you, then don't wait, get a mermaid gown immediately. Also, you can complete your look with a nice pair of arm length net or lace gloves.

5. Shoes

Wedding Gowns For Christian Brides

Make sure, you've got the right pair of shoes to go ahead with your wedding gown. Stilettos and heels are a perfect match to go with your gowns. Also, if you're wearing a lavender or pale pink gown, then go ahead with colourful shoes. If you're wearing tea length gown, then you can try something in silver or pink.

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