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Are You A Taurean Girl? Know Your Zodiac Fashion Inside Out!

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The bulls' month is here, and so it's time to celebrate the taurus sun sign in all its fashionable glory. This earthy sign that has a passion for finer things in life knows its taste in fashion, and they are usually very well aware of what would look good on them and what would not. They believe in quality over everything else.

This sun sign indulges in spending on luxury, but not something that is out of a whim for a fashion trend. They believe in classics and are very well known for the cuts that flatter them. Being the stubborn earthy sign that they are, they love neutrals and earthy shades.

Even when they dress casual, they make sure they don't look messy or drab. If you're looking to find a person who would rather follow their own beliefs and dress for their body than fall for fashion fads, then a taurean is the person to go to.

Let's have a look at all the fashion statements that work really well for taureans and the ones that taureans have a deep-rooted fashion belief in.


Texture Test

For a taurean girl to even like an outfit, she needs to feel it first and make sure the fabric and material are of high quality. A taurean loves the feel of rich textures like silks and cashmere, they believe in comfort and cosiness.


Emerald Tone

Their birth stone is emerald, and thus their fascination with the emerald shade. This rich jewel tone looks great on taureans and they also seem to have what it takes to carry it off.


Earthy Tones

Shades of browns and nudes are their go-to colours. They are easy on the eyes and pair well with other stronger shades.


Well-Tailored Garments

A well-stitched garment never goes out of style. A taurean believes in structure and fit, and they carry classic cuts and silhouettes with unparalleled panache.


Neck Pieces & Stoles

They love accessorising their necks, not always with fine jewellery though, but they like to experiment with scarves and chunky jewellery as well.


Dressy Casuals

Even when a taurean girl dresses casually, she makes sure that it is not shabby and is a well fit but a comfortable outfit. Matching it all up is also an important factor.

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 26, 2016, 18:25 [IST]
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