Style Tips: Don't Let Rain Spoil Your Durga Puja Pandal Hoppings

Every Bengali this year is cribbing because of the never ending monsoon in the country. Why? Of course, for the fear of their Durga Puja getting ruined and their new clothes getting spoiled.

Moreover, there is a custom in Bengali mythology which suggests the arrival and departure of Goddess Durga. It is said, the weather of the month depends on the carrier which brings Maa Durga to earth during the festival.

There are different carriers like boat, elephant, palanquin, horse, etc. It might sound weird but every carrier has a significance.

tips to style well in rainy durga puja

This year Maa Durga is coming in a boat and this suggests that there is a high probability of rainfall during the festival.

If you go by the latest weather conditions or the mythological statement, it is probable that rain might be a risk for this year's Durga Puja pandal hoppings. If not for anything, just for the risk of ruining your style.

We are here to tell you a few tricks on how to avoid the rains and still rock your style this Durga Puja.


Wear Culottes or Capris

If you are decking up in western attires or even Indian, the idea is to wear something of the three-fourth length. For both, culottes, capris or three-fourth leggins work wonders.

While it rains, your full length trousers are at risk. The puddles are great dangers and there are also chances of waterlogging in shallow areas. To not compromise with the fun of pandal hopping while going totally stylish, wear three-fourth length bottoms.


Bright Colours

Monsoon and bright colours go too well and as it is all about the festival; keep a better stock of bright coloured outfits. They will not just fit the occasion but also look great even if the weather is gloomy.

Moreover, light coloured clothes might be stained by the mud marks if you are on for pandal hopping.


Avoid Flairy Attires

Flairs are the new in, we agree, but flairy bottoms like long skirts or flairy palazzos are a big no-no for pandal hopping during monsoon. If it is raining or it has rained the previous night, you would not want your favourite attires to be dripping mud and water from them. Would you?


Avoid Sarees For Pandal Hopping

Sarees are undoubtedly the best attire during Durga Puja, but only if you are a pro at carrying them. If rain is actually in forecast during the festival, chances are that the streets would have partial waterlogs and puddles.

Wearing sarees, mainly cotton or heavy ones are problematic as they can get ruined or can also make you tumble down. We know that none of the options are favourable, so we suggest you to wear something more comfortable or sarees which are light and can be pulled up during pandal hoppings.

If you are in the same place and not moving too much around, no attire can be as great as a saree.


Carry Bright Umbrellas

Though this is not a part of your ensemble but matching a good fashionable umbrella with your attire is a must, mostly if you are showcasing your styles during monsoon. If rain is an issue, you can add on vibrance to your style while going for pandal hoppings.

Mind not to poke someone with the stylish umbrella.


Avoid Leather Shoes Or Bags

Leather reacts to water and the rain can ruin your shoes or bags. If you are out for pandal hopping while it is raining, do not wear leather shoes or go for leather bags. Bags can still be protected under the umbrella but shoes will always be at risk.

Go for other materials that would not get spoiled. Cloth materials can also drip off water if they are wet. Go for polythene-based bags.


DO NOT Wear Flip-flops

Flip-flops tend to splatter water and mud off your feet to your outfits and wearing them during pandal hopping in or after rains, you are totally risking your favourite dresses.

Wear enclosed shoes so that the attires stay safe from the mud splatters. We are sure that you would not want mud polka dots on your attires.

Follow these tips and you are all set to rock the styles even if monsoon attempts on spoiling the festival.

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