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Level Up Your Fashion Game With These Statement Yet Wardrobe-Worthy Outfits



Statement outfits are something that make our eyes pop out literally from our sockets. Such ensembles command attention and are unique for a reason or two. Now, these ensembles are something that we don't wear frequently and can intimidate us too. However, if you are one of those, who loves to experiment a lot, we have compiled some fresh statement outfits for you. And you know what the best part is that most of these statement outfits can find a place in your wardrobe too as they are wearable. So, let's take a look at these statement numbers.

Traditional Wear For Women


The Nature-Inspired Attire

Designed by Sanjukta Dutta, this attire is what you can easily don on a grand festive or wedding occasion. Dipped in violet shade, there are two unique quotients in this ensemble - the ruffled bow and the leaf-patterned skirt, which will definitely make you stand apart. If you don't want to be too experimental also, you can team this gorgeous skirt with a simple blouse sans the frills and bows and still it will make for a great statement piece.

Outfits For Men

A Pattened Jacket And Sheer Pyjamas

So, this idea is particularly for men, who want to spice up their wardrobe. So, this attire is designed by Jenjum Gadi and more than the intricately-done jacket that resembles a clockwork pattern, we love the sheer pyjamas. Yes, you can try pairing sheer net pyjamas like the model with an asymmetrical jacket. This will definitely make many heads turn.

 Street Style Wear For Women

A Graphic Dress

Well, a graphic dress is something that we all can pull off. You can opt for a conservative silhouette but with bold graphic patterns. Designed by Nitin Bal Chauhan, this shirt dress with puffed sleeves is something that is not revealing, so even the shy girls can don this ensemble. The graphic-splashed or an abstract-printed attire is something that you can easily have in your wardobe.

Street Style Wear For Women

An Unapologetically Patterned Pyjama Set

Well, pyjama sets are not just your nightwear anymore, these outfits can be even worn in broad daylight. So, designed by Falguni Shane Peacock, this attire is the ultimate street style look that will make you look distinctive. The playful patterns and the green hue contrasted by multi-hued stripes is what makes this outfit unique, and we know you can flaunt it effortlessly.

Traditional Wear For Women

The Asymmetrical Silhouette

Sometimes the attire can be as simple as the attire in the picture but it is the silhouette that does the trick. So, this attire, designed by Nidhika Shekhar, is what you can easily wear for formal occasions. The draped top and the asymmetrical skirt with an intricate shrug are the elements that make this attire so refreshing. So, at times, even the hue is not vibrant, it is just the structure of the ensemble that can give you a class apart feel.

Traditional Wear For Women

The Fusion Dress

The fusion dress like this one in the image by Rahul & Anushka is what you can wear on festive occasions. A simple dress with bold hues of mustard yellow and black graphic patterns, this dress can be your cup of tea even if you are apprehensive about wearing bold silhouettes. This fusion dress can be safely kept in your closet.

Unique Outfits For Men And Women

A Top With Drape

Yes, this is a unique concept too. So, while your skirt or shorts can be simple, you can notch up your look with a vibrant top with ruffled drape. Such a cape-top and skirts pairing even qualifies for an excellent party wear, in case you are not in a mood of dresses. This stunning red outfit is designed by Nikita Mhaisalkar and this is exactly the outfit that we are talking about.

Outfit Ideas For Men

A Pair Of Partly Printed Pants

This can be an androgynous outfit idea. So, while we all play with patterned top, shirts, or jackets, but how about if pants are partly patterned. What we love about this particular ensemble designed by Manoviraj Khosla is that while the trousers are plain-hued, there is a level of contrast in terms of intricate prints, which makes the pants so wardrobe-worthy. So, statement pieces don't have to be only beyond us.

Outfits For Men

A Bright Pantsuit

Except for a few die-hard fashion connoisseurs, we hardly see men dressed in vibrant outfits but what if they change the rules a bit. So, with his attire, designer Paresh Lamba can inspire you to sport something out of the box. So, this bright yellow pantsuit with a graphic pattern of devil and the accessory is what your wardrobe mighe just need.

Unique Outfits For Men And Women

Get Bold Pyjamas

Designer duo Shivan & Narresh just inspired us to invest in these pyjamas. Now, that a gorgeous statement piece and not quite everybody's cup of tea but still you can sport it for some glittering party. The golden metallic sheen and puffed effect is what make these pyjamas stand out. Pair it with a cropped or a sleeveless top and you can look like an ultimate diva.

Outfit Ideas For Men

Playsuits For Men

No, not just women, designed Pawan Sachdeva proves that playsuits can be donned by men too. For instance, this abstract-patterned playsuit donned by a model is what you can wear for beach vacay. So, take a break from simple vests and shorts, and invest in a playsuit as it can make you look different from the mainstream.

So, which statement statement outfit are you going to invest in from the list? Let us know that in the comment section.

Story first published: Saturday, October 19, 2019, 11:22 [IST]
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