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Are Statement Earrings Going To Be The New Thing In 2016?

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After Alia Bhatt was spotted wearing Bijoux De Famille funky earrings at Filmfare Style & Glamour awards last year, we knew that statement earrings were destined to become a new thing by the mid of 2016. 

Earrings are a category which only get attention during weddings. At the time of weddings or a traditional function, we want the most accentuated teardrop that will drive crowd's attention to us.

No matter how irksome it is for your delicate ears, you'll have to torture them with the heaviest anarkalis that you bought from Karigari. Because, you know, fashion. It can stand anything. 

This year, as per our predictions, the good old anarkalis will be used beyond the occasional weddings. You'll see a lot of quirky earrings paired with neat casuals. We have ensembled a cute gallery for these earrings today, and we hope you'll love it:


Alia Bhatt & Her Robocops

Alia Bhatt became cooler after sporting these babies.


The Feather

Isn't it the most adorable pair of earrings you saw today?


The Shoulder Grazers

See? How it goes so well with a grey blazer.


The Tear Drop Danglers

You can sport them even with a trench coat.


The Enhanced Flower

Take this for sunny days.


Abstract Earrings

These will go well with your blue jeans and white shirt.

All Images Are Taken Via Pinterest

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