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6 Pregnancy Clothes That You Can DIY Like It's No Big Deal!

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Who said pregnant ladies can't be fashionistas? In fact, you have a cute little bump to flaunt. We know how huge a lady gets when she is expecting. But does that mean she should stop dressing up? No way. 

In this article, we bring you the 6 best awesome DIY tricks that you do with your maternity clothes and look adorable. So let's begin. Shall we?

1. Add A Bow: Show off that baby bump by adding a cute bow just at the start of your bump. Easy and super cute. Isn't it?

DIY Pregnancy Fashion

2. Wrap It Up: Take a scarf and wrap it around your belly to accentuate your look. Tie a knot or a bow as per your preference. 

DIY Pregnancy Fashion

3. Tank Top: Get a stretchable tank top and wear it over your maternity bra. Enhance your top and adds a new tee to your wardrobe without any extra spending.

DIY Pregnancy Fashion

4. Add Extended Skirt: Cut your old shirts or your husband shirts and stich them with your maternity tee. Amps up the outfit right away.

DIY Pregnancy Fashion

5. Bright Bows: Wear a light coloured maternity dress and add a bright ribbon to it. Charms the look instantly. 

DIY Pregnancy Fashion

6. Add A Peplum Alike: Have a spare tee? Then cut a strip of it and stitch it along the hem your tee. Adds a peplum look. 

DIY Pregnancy Fashion

So if you know anyone who is expecting, then be a good friend and share this article with your mommy-to-be right away.

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