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    #NoRegrets: Day-To-Day Fashion Falls That Are Stylish AF!

    Day To Day Fashion

    "Eeeeww! What hairstyle is that?", "Hey, your bra strap is peeping out!", "Can you please dress more decently?", "Where did you get those cheap pair of slippers from?" - aren't we all tired of these statements irresponsibly thrown at us from men and women alike?

    But let me put that straight, your messy hair, your comfy clothes and those funky pair of slippers are stylish AF and you should sport them more often to create major burns all around!

    Most of the young girls try to dress their best and look their best at all times, in the urge of finding validation from people who themselves are suffering from identity crisis.

    What we need to understand is that fashion is what we make for ourselves and if we have the confidence, we can rock a pajama like a bawse!

    Here are 4 day-to-day fahionable things we should not regret but feel proud of doing.

    - Messy Hair

    Messy Hair

    Once you tie a messy bun or leave home without combing, do you feel you have done something seriously wrong to your look? Stop thinking that! Messy hair looks sexier than best of the hairdos. The careless way those stubborn streaks fall on your face, add a grace and attitude to your personality, which you should glorify, honestly! Talking about fashion, messy hair can look sexy with anything you wear and has the charm of making you stand out from the crowd.

    - Peeping Bra Straps

    Day To Day Fashion

    There are N number of colours, patterns, shapes, cups, etc., available in the market these days. The inner-wear companies are going all out of the box for you, and you still want to hide it? From caged bras, to halter-neck, to netted designs and what not, you can team them up with see-through tops, or casual shrugs, and let them add an irresistible oomph to your look.

    PC- Glamour

    - Comfy Clothes

    Day To Day Fashion

    Be it a party, a date or a get-together, you can never compromise on comfortable clothes. Comfort is the ultimate fashion and it's time you knew that. Try and innovate with your favorite pair of clothes. For example, team up your palazzo pants with a lose top, wear a pair of chic sunglasses and quirky accessories. When you are comfortable, you'll look all the way more confident. And when you are confident, that's when you'd look fashionable.

    PC- Santa Banta

    - Casual Footwear

    Casual Footwear

    While some of the most famous fashion influencers are rebelling against our society's uncomprehensive fetish for uncomfortable footwear, you still want to cramp your feet in them? Go to a street market and pick up the quirkiest and vibrant flats, sneakers and slippers, and team them up with your favourite casual dresses, denims and ethnics as well. Trust us, you will be a trend-setter among your friends.

    You can only be a trend-setter by breaking the existing, obsolete trends, and when you do anything other than that, you are actually enhancing a trend and not setting one.

    So now, go ahead, be the trend-setter you are!

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