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    11 Easy & Stylish Saree Pallus That You Have Never Seen Before!


    Who doesn't love to flaunt a saree? Pants, jackets, sweaters are on one side and saree is on the other. There is some elegance about draping a saree. Don't you think? Talking about draping. Aren't you bored of the same old draping style?

    The sleek defined pleats. Argh! Can be daunting too. How about if you had new ways to carry off your saree pallu? Only if you knew about these pallu styles isn't it? 

    Say goodbye to the boring old same style pallu draping and check out these 12 quirky and quick pallu draping that you can try instantly. In this piece, we offer you 12 different ways to draping your saree pallu. These are easy, quick and something you've never seen before. 

    Now be the desi diva by flaunting these draping styles:

    1. The Belt Pallu: It doesn't have to be sleek and defined pleats. Just put a few reckless pleats together and add a belt. 

    2. The Messy Low Fold: Put together your pleats in a messy way and instead of pinning it, try draping it from a low angle. 

    3. The Around The Neck Drape: Take Your pallu and wrap like a scarf around your neck.

    4. The Pleated Skirt Effect: This will need a bit of an effort. But when the result is this great, who cares about the effort. Isn't it? Try giving it sleek pleats and pin it sideways rather than front ways. 

    5. The Knotted Style: Leave your pallu open and just add a knot at the waist while draping.

    6. Around The Neck Pallu: Make wide pleats and then wrap the pallu around your neck. 

    7. The Right Way Drape: Instead of a regular left ways saree style. Try draping it right ways. The pleats will come out gracefully.

    8. The Knotted Pallu: Wear your pallu like a half pants and knot the end of your free pallu. 

    9. The Wide Pleats: Instead of sleek defined pleats, go for wide pleats with a messy look.

    10. Gujarati Style Belt: Gujrati pallus are always easy. Drape your saree in Gujarati style and then add a belt. 

    11. Two Fold At The Waist: You can keep your pleats messy but make sure while you're draping the saree around the waist you add two folds as shown in the picture

    So what do you think of these extra dramatic and not so regular saree pallus? Which one will you try?

    More on Saree Fashion here.

    All images taken via Pinterest. 

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