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5 Blouse Patterns That You Can Totally Steal From Shilpa Shetty

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Shilpa Shetty is known for her toned saree figure. And boy, the woman sure knows how to pull a saree off. You may not have Shilpa's body type, but you can totally copy her style.

Let's start with her blouse patterns. Blouse are essential and mostly ignored. 

You really need to take care of the fittings and styling because, believe it or not, this brings out the actual look. While fitting you have to take care of, we can help you out with blouse patterns.

That too from Shilpa Shetty's wardrobe. Read on to find out how Shilpa Shetty looks so good in her blouses and copy the same for the seasonal weddings. 

1. Halter Neck Blouse:  Going for a sleek chiffon saree for your friend's wedding? Then time to show off a little. Go the Shilpa way. Try a halter neck with peter pan collar.

If you are going for a plain solid colour saree then try a bright colour for the blouse. This will help you flaunt your back and accentuate your look.

2. Boat Neck Blouse: If you're attending a South Indian wedding or function, go for something vibrant like this. Borrow a plaid print saree and pair a completely different patterned blouse.

Of course, it has to match. The boat neck and full-sleeve will enhance the look.  

3. Flared-Sleeve Blouse: You feel like carrying a typical white and golden silk saree but don't want to go for a boring white blouse. Then you must try this.

Shilpa accentuated the look of this white saree by going totally over the top. Add a black blouse with flared sleeves. The white and golden saree is easily available. You'll only have to get this blouse tailored.

4. Lace Blouse: Lace is not only for dresses. You can totally use the lace pattern in your blouses. Try accentuating the blouse with panels.

Pep it up by adding lace around the neckline and net for the below. Take the hint from Shilpa's blouse here.

5. Embellished Blouse: Try this during a cocktail party. Or, when you want to keep it simple yet stylish. Add a simple solid colour saree and a 3/4 sleeve blouse with scoop neck.

Accentuate the blouse with Rajasthani stone work.


So which blouse pattern from Shilpa Shetty's wardrobe are you going to try this wedding season?

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