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This Halloween Dress Up Classy: 4 Amazing Tips For Your Halloween


The word Halloween means 'hallowed evening' or 'holy evening', which comes from Christian origin. Halloween is a yearly festival which is celebrated on October 31, on the eve of Western Christian feast of All Hallows' Day. The festival is dedicated to the remembering of the deadsaints(hallows), martyrs, and all departed souls.

Halloween is a western festival, but in recent years it has garnered a global attention; almost all the cosmopolitan cities in the world have started to celebrate it. The most exciting part of Halloween is the costumes. Halloween costumes are designed and modeled after supernatural figures such as vampires, devils, witches et cetera. Over time, in the United States, the costume selection extended to include popular fiction and movie characters, like Superman, Batman, Wolverine et cetera.

Today our discussion on Fashion Trends is about the vivid fashionable costumes you can opt for Halloween. Usually people opt for gaudy, gory, or exaggerated costumes for Halloween, but in this piece we will tell you how to keep your Halloween costume classy, minimalistic and yet flashy.

We have listed a number of tricks on how to use ordinary clothes for Halloween costumes.. These tricks are simple, cheap and can be done just by sitting at home. So let's have a look:

1. Noose Ties

Image Courtesy- Pinterest

Donning a noose tie on Halloween is the best ways to look classy yet scary. Get a few cable ropes and wrap them like a tie on your collar. Do a little bit of skeleton make-up on your face to have a devilish look(optional).

2. Black And White Face Paint

Image Courtesy- Pinterest

Black and white is denoted to be the colour of evil and angel. Girls, opt for a black and white collared jumpsuit with a bow tie, and then paint your face.. A skeleton or devil make up would be the best to go with it. Make sure you paint your face only half, because unpainted part will denote the angelic factor.

3. The Superman Tee

Image Courtesy- Pinterest

Boys pay attention, this one is for you. Go with the same concept of black and white. Pick up an old white shirt and a black pant and under the shirt wear Superman t-shirt. This symbolizes good over bad. Superman comes to the rescue of good, and destroys the evil. Simple and stylish.

4. The Vampire Gown

Image Courtesy- Pinterest

Girls, you do not have to balance good and bad all the time, some times you need to be bitchy and sexy as well. Nothing else than a black vampire gown can make you look sexy, ghostly and bitchy. The best a girl can opt for. This is classy, edgy and simple. A slit gown is always a better option. If you do not have a slit gown, no issues, just take your old black gown and make a side slit with a scissor.

These are some of the best ways to style in class for this Halloween. Stay tuned for more such news on latest fashion trends. Feel free to give your comments. Happy Halloween!