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5 Hair Accessory Trends Of The Year That You Should Try Right Away!

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All of us have been victims of bad hair days at some point or the other in our lives; and it instantly made our lives more difficult.

Hair can either make or break your look, and that just goes to say how important a role your hair plays on the fashion front.

This year is seeing a little bit of all kinds of hairstyles, and it is all about embracing your natural side with just the right amount of accessorising.

Everyone's hair needs some care and attention, beyond all that, it definitely needs some loving from the fashion aspect this season.

The runways this year had some great hair accessories that could inspire the trends to come.

Starting from a comeback of the barrettes to the simple ribbon tie-ups. Matching out your outfits with your hair accessories is the way to go, when it comes to giving your look that extra pinch of glam.

Let's take a look at the top 5 hair accessory trends that you should get your hands on right away.

1. Barrettes Are Back
This trend is making a huge comeback this season, and you could wear it with a twist or wear it the classic way; and you are good to go. Barrettes can make a look quirky or elegant, depending on its placement on the hair.

hair accessory trends

2. Fruits & Florals
Crowns and wreaths with a floral touch have been around for over a year; but this year, we are also trying our hands at fruity inspirations for a hair accessory. This trend is ranging all the way from loud-and-big to delicate-and-ethereal.

hair accessory trends

3. Ribbons & Bows
A simple ribbon can be used as a hair accessory in multiple ways. As a band to keep the hair away from the face, as a tie-up with a cute bow to keep the hair in a pony or even as a braid, this trend is simple yet stylish.

hair accessory trends

4. Bejwelled Tiaras
The usage of gemstones for hair accessories is nothing new; but the fact that the tiara trend is being juxtaposed and utilised with all kinds of outfits this year is quite refreshing and edgy. This is the trend to go with if you want to grab all those eye balls in a jiffy!

hair accessory trends

5. Head Scarves
Making a comeback again, this trend is giving us the simplest of options to the most elaborate ones, this year. You could go Audrey Hepburn classic or do a simple hair-band wrap, and then there's another big scarf trend this season that is the turban trend. The chicest solution to a bad hair day is to wrap those locks up in a turban.

hair accessory trends

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