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Gucci Sells Kaftan Dress That Looks Like Traditional Indian Kurta For Rs 2.5 Lakh And Twitter Is Shocked


Who would buy an outfit for Rs 2.5 lakh that one can buy for Rs 500! We think hardly anyone but when Twitter users learnt that there is an outfit bearing a striking resemblance to kurta being sold by Gucci for $3,500, it obviously left the desi Twitter and the users of other social media platforms shocked. Actually, to be honest, the attire seems like a kaftan-inspired Indian kurta, which the model has paired with green sports pyjamas. The news of the whooping price of the attire was followed by interesting comments. Most of the comments read that they could easily buy a similar style of kurta in Rs 500 from at a local market in India!

Though pretty but there was nothing so unusual about this attire by Gucci. The outfit inspired by kurta featured a round-collared neckline with intricate vibrant floral accents on the neckline and cuffs of the sleeves. The long cream-hued flared kurta was accentuated by self-tile tassels. Crafted from linen fabric, the customers have the option of buying it in monthly installments. It is called the floral embroidery organic linen kaftan but the Italian brand is selling it as a dress.

However, this is not for the first time that Gucci has received tweets in response to their outfits from desi (Indian) Twitter. Around two years ago, Gucci invited backlash from the Sikh community for selling a headgear via Nordstrom's website for $ 790 that according to Twitter users looked like the turban that a large section of people from Sikh community wear to practice faith. Nordstrom later removed the product from its site with an apology note after being accused of culture-appropriation.

However, do you think you are ready to buy the particular dress for Rs 2.5 lakhs? Let us know that in the comment section.

Pictures Source: Gucci