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All The Gemini Fashionistas Love These 5 Trends & Carry It Off Better Than Anyone Else

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The twin zodiac or better known as the gemini is the third zodiac and its that time of the year for all the geminis to celebrate their zodiac. Geminis are born fashionistas and have it all figured out when it comes to style and trends. 

Its quite wonderful how the traits of our astrological signs connect to out wardrobe choices and style statements. Geminis love the stars above and thus all the glitz and glam that comes with it.

They love accessorising with jewelery and gems. Geminis are also upbeat on whats going to be in fashion.A Gemini girls closet has all the basic building blocks for an incredible fashion statement.

Geminis also love a pop of colour in shades of preppy yellows and bright oranges. A gemini girl is a true blue fashionista when she wants to be one. Lets take a look at few of the fashion statements that make a gemini girl what she is.


The Canary Yellow

A gemini herself Angelina Jolie is seen sporting the brightest shade of yellow like a diva on the red carpet. Geminis can pull of the mellowest yellow to the most dramatic one, with simple elegance.


The Halter-Necks

Another stunning gemini, Lana Del Rey shows how geminis have beautiful necks and shoulders and the go-to way to flaunt them is with gorgeous halter-neck outfits that hightlight all the right parts on a gemini girl.


Shining Bright

Geminis love glitz and glamour and they can pull off the most shiny and attention grabbing outfits with the utmost ease, just like our Miss Marilyn Monroe who shines brighter than ever in most of her ensembles.


Jewellery Loving

Accessorising is in every gemini's blood, Nicole Kidman here proves how much a gemini loves their hands and their jewellery. They love manicures, bangles and rings to make their hands more beautiful.


The Basics On Point

Like supermodel Adriana Lima here, most gemini girls have their wardrobe loaded with the basic building blocks of fashion, that in turn help them to keep their style more chic and paired up well with everything else that they buy.

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