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Goa: The Town Of Pethani And Portuguese Gowns


Goa is an ideal honeymoon destination; a hippie joint for the herb-doers, a rejuvenating destination for getaways and a trippy road trip for bikers. Apart from its tourism, there are a lot of other things that are untold about this beautiful Indian state.

Goa is the smallest India state, its northern part is pampered by Maharashtra and the southern and eastern part by Karnataka. As it shares borders with these two states, it offers a quick weekend getaway in Goa.

Goa is rich in Konkani culture, but as it was invaded by Portuguese long before the Indian independence, the state is much into a mix of Konkani and Portuguese culture. Most of the people are either Konkani Brahmins (the fishermen community) or Catholics. Betwixt all these, we can not ignore the fact that Goa has inherited diverse fashion culture.

Fashion is immensely diverse in Goa. From pethani to bikini, gowns to rompers, skirts to maxis; everything is widely available here. It is one of the most liberal states of India.

Bikini isn't a Goan fashion tradition, but due to a lot of foreign tourists bikini has become a major fashion aspect in Goa. Let's see what Goa has to offer us today from its fashion kitty.

1. Pethani

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A typical Konkani attire. Basically, women belonging to Maharashtra and the fishermen community wear this attire. It is a very traditonal konkani dress. It is a nine meter saree, which is draped around legs as a dhoti and the veil is kept long. A very gender fluid attire.

2. Portuguese Culture

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Goa is know for the Basilica church which was built by Portuguese. And along with the Portuguese came the layers, colours, and gowns. The typical Portuguese colourful gowns are still a matter of pride in Goa. As most of people in Goa are the descendants of Portuguese, they still love to follow the Christian gown tradition in their Portuguese way.

3. Long Floral Skirts

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Whenever you're in Goa, you'd see at least one Mellisa aunty donning a skirt. Seventeen to seventy, every lady in Goa loves to wear long skirts, mostly the skirts hemline is set till the ankle or calf. The skirts are usually floral giving the proper Goan beach look.

4. Flea Markets

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Goa is known for its tourist attractions and beautiful beaches. Along with the beaches and tourist attraction comes the flea markets. Goa flea markets are very popular and fashionable. One of the best street shopping markets in India. From bikinis to sarees, skirts to bags; everything is available. Also, they are fashionable of course.

So, this was all about the fashionable Indian state, Goa. To read more of such stories stay tuned

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