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Mind-Blowing Good Looking Ties Under 500, Shop Now!

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Tie is one thing that most of the men crave for, but at the same time it is hated by most of the men. Some of them hate because they do not know how to wear it, some because they feel it's suffocating, and some because they are conscious about their looks and feel it would not look good on them.

A man looks decent, groomed, disciplined, gentle and of course hot and sexy, donning ties. Men usually tend to wear wrong ties or unfashionable ties most of the times.

Ties are something that make you walk with ease and pride. The right attitude to carry atie is to have the right type of tie for the right type of occasion. Boys, do you actually know which type of tie to wear on what occasion? With different types of shirts, what are the matching types of ties? No? Don't fret, we're here to take you on a ride with us to the journey of ties through our Fashion Trends segment. Brace yourselves! To know about the four types of ties men must have at all times.

1. Striped Ties

Trending Ties For Men

Striped ties is mentioned first because they should be worn only for specific occasions. . These ties are very formal and neat. When you're going to office, or a luncheon, or any other formal meeting make a point to have a striped tie around your neck.

2. Floral Ties

Trending Ties For Men

Floral Ties. The name sounds so romantic, ain't it? Well, the nature of this tie is indeed romantic, and also that of a person who wears it. Opt this tie for special dinner dates, honeymoon dates, ballroom dancing or even at your wedding ( the chapel or the reception).

3. Checked Bow Ties

Trending Ties For Men

Whoot! That is one sexy substance to have on you! Boys, if you have a brunch coming up, or a casual date with your girl, or may be a party; please opt for this check bow ties. They are casual, sexy, perky and easy-going.

4. Dotted Ties

Trending Ties For Men

Dotted ties or polka dot ties are quite versatile and fashionable in nature. They could be worn almost everywhere, only one have to look at the colour and the pattern of dots used on the ties. Like, small dots on a light -colored tie can be opted for formal occasions and colourful big dots on a white background can be worn for a party.

We hope you follow our advice and do not waste anymore time in not buying these. So what are you waiting for? Article is over. Hurry up! And buy now.

If you have anything to suggest please feel free to comment right below.
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