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DURGA PUJA SPECIAL: Must-Buy Western Style Trends

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While festivals in India are all about wearing traditional clothings, the five-day-long festival, Durga Puja also sees a variety of clothing among people. To make it more convenient for pandal hopping, people generally opt for Western clothes.

We are making things easier for girls who have not yet visited the garment shops to buy clothes or prefer buying online. Here you can get a brief idea about the variety of Western styles that would be in trend during this year's Durga Puja.


Cold Shoulders

Cold shoulders are anyway one of the most trending attires across the world and women are going ga-ga over cold shoulder tops, blouses, kurtas and dresses. Among all the outfits you are buying for the five days, make sure to grab one cold shoulder attire to keep on the trending track.



If you dare to bare, this is one of the sexiest styles trending right now and as we can predict, this could be 'the thing' during this festival. You would get a variety of one shoulder dress, tops or blouses. Do not wait and grab one to unveil the bold you.


Striped Bottoms

Stripes are never old but this year stripes on bottoms have been raging like fire. You can make your Durga Puja pandal hoppings classier with a pair of striped bottoms. You can wear them at offices too after the festival ends.

Tips to select your stripes:

  • One, vertical stripes make you look thinner and taller.
  • Second, horizontal stripes make you wider and shorter.
  • Select your stripes according to your body type and choice.


Pastel Coloured Tops

Pastel shades look amazing on anyone, irrespective of age and gender. This is the newest trend in accordance to outfit colours. Do not miss the chance to be in the trending spotlight and get yourself a pastel shaded attire. It can be pastel pink, green, yellow and many other shades.


Patched Denims

Patched denims can bring out the cooler you and can make your pandal hopping special street style look perfect. They look colourful and also too cool. If you team it with a casual tee and white sneaker, you are set to go.



We would be surprised if you still have not got yourself a pair of culottes. They are one of the biggest style trends of the year and it would be an 'in thing' this Durga Puja. Culottes can be worn with top to kurta, depending on the style and pattern. If you still have not bought one, do not make yourself unluckier and grab at least a pair for the festival.



Low back traditional blouses were common to be worn with sarees but this year Western tops, dresses and tees have joined the queue. They look too hot and also make the look cooler than a monotonous high-raised back and a narrow cut neckline. This is this year's happening style trend for Durga Puja.


Plunging Criss-cross Necklines

This attire can be another 'Dare to Bare' challenge for you. Plunging criss-cross necklines are too hot and a challenging attire to carry for any girl. Durga Puja is not the place to bare but if you are just after trends, this is one of the sexiest trends.

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