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Want To Look The Hottest In Your Bikini This Season? Check Your Bikini Type Here!

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It's summer time. And with that comes visiting beach handy, isn't it? So are you up for heading to Goa and have a gala time? But wait, have you taken the right type of bikini? Or, have you been shying away to take a bikini? 

For the starters, if you've been shying away to wear a bikini then you must get rid of those inhibitions right away because you need to wear that bikini once in your life. In India, we seriously need some bikini-wearing culture. It is mostly because we are all bogged down by our body image issues. 

Don't you worry! What are we here for, if we cannot make you love your body the way it is? In this piece, we have listed a number of fashion swimwear (bikini) tips to enhance the best feature of your body type. So don't shy away if you think you have a big torso or big thighs, in fact, you can use these features in the best way possible. 

Also, it is summer time and you're hitting the beach so there is no way you're wearing anything less than a bikini. So say goodbye to your shorts and embrace the bikini., for the love of your body.


Right Choice Of Swimwear For The Curvy You

Your right choice of a swimsuit would be asymmetric swimwear. You have the required assets to flaunt so might as well do it the right way? An asymmetric swimsuit will further enhance your curvaciousbody.


Right Choice Of Swimwear For The Athletic Figures

You need to show off those toned arms and legs so you need a monokini bikini. It will balance out your torso and legs giving you an evenly proportionate look.


Right Choice Of Swimwear For The Straight Figures

You have those sexy legs and thin arms that people dream of. So you better start showing them off, Missy. You need to add a bit of curve though which can be easily done by wearing ruffled bikini top like the one of left. Added embellishments always work for your bikini tops.


Right Choice Of Swimwear For Large Bust Ladies

Ruffles, V-necks, string tops are a no for you. But you have something that other dream of-- Boobs! All you need is a good support to lift up your breasts which can be done high back bikini tops.


Right Choice of Bikini For Small Busts

You can wear almost anything from the variety of swimsuit categories. But a triangle top bikini is the thing for you. Add enhancements by opting for a dual colour bikini.


Right Choice Of Swimwear For Short Torso

Don't shy away from your gorgeous torso. Flaunt it better and even with high-cut bikinis. It gives length to your upper body and even-iseyour upper and lower body halves.


Right Choice of Swimwear For Long Torso

If you have a long torso then you need to do split up your swimwears. Stripe break ups are perfect for you. It balances out your body proportions. Don't go for one-piece suits.


Right Choice Of Swimwear For Hiding Your Paunch

Is your belly coming in your way to look hot at the beach? Don't worry. We have just the right trick for you. Opt for a high-waisted swimsuit which will hide away the belly fat. You can go fancy by picking up a retro-inspired two-piece bikini.


Right Choice Of Swimwear For Large Bottoms

If you have a big butt, get yourself a V-neck swimsuit which willdraw attention to your torso.

We hope you'll have a gala beach vacation and needless to say, you'll look the hottest in your two-piece bikini since you took our bikini lessons. 

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