431-88 Collections By Shweta Kapur At Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2016

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AIFWSS'16 we all know what it stands, and what importance it plays in our lives for us fashion fads. But for the one's who are still not well acquainted with AIFWSS'16, we shall tell you. The abbreviation stands for Amazon India Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2016. This fashion festival is supposed to be the Asia's most prestigious fashion week/festival. And we at Boldsky, are covering live stories staright from the runway of the AIFWSS'16.

This time we are streaming live coverage of the show 432-88 MISFITS by Shweta Kapur. 431-88 started in the year 2012 with the idea of bringing luxury sportswear to the forefront. The clothes are crafted for the modern woman who loves her comfort and gives equal importance to what she is wering during the day and what she wears when she goes out.

The designer Shweta Kapur graduated from the London College of fashion in 2011 and is now based in Delhi. Before launching her label, she was trained under labels like, Burberry, Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla. The label believes in taking fashion to the next level.

This year, Shweta Kapur has name her 431-88 label collections as MISFITS. What could be the ideology behind this name? Any idea. Well for that you need to visit the photo gallery, to know in details. But as the name goes, we believe it is definitely something to with outdoor fashion, or rather day-wear clothes. And, also, some sort of power dressing seems to be indulged. Well, the designs are mix of two more designs submerged into one. Like, sarees with shorts, half skirt with maze et cetera.

So now, without doing any further delay, let's have a sneak peek at the collections of 431-88 MISFITS by Shweta Kapur at the AIFWSS'16.


Short Cum Long

MISFITS, the name justifies the collection of Shweta Kapur. The High-waist pants, have a look of both shorts, and long pants. The round net pattern gives the look of misfit, yet the edgy style.


Shorts And Saree

Saree draping is an art in itself. Draping a saree is not that easy. But Shweta Kapur took the saree draping skills to the next level. The design shows, a long half saree, tucked and drapes with a box blouse an shorts. Hi-FASHION.


Crop-Top Misfit

This high neck crop top with skinny pants is just so powerful. The crop top is designed with a zip pattern in between the cleavage, and on the pants the pattern is seen from the thighs till ankle.


Jacket Misfit

This looks gorgeous isn't it. Powerful yet feminine. This pink misfit attire consists of short pants, a thigh length jacket, with a scarf. Complete chaos with fashion and style.


Net Skirt

This attire is another chaotic yet meaningful and stylish piece. The ensemble looks beautiful, because the top is half tucked, and the skirt is submerged with maze on sides.


Zipped Gown

This one piece ankle length gown is yet another misfit piece. The top of the gown is kept plain white, whereas the bottom is detailed with long red zip stripes.

Story first published: Friday, October 9, 2015, 19:06 [IST]
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