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Oh My God! Shocking Outfits At Grammys 2017

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The Grammy Awards witnessed some of the most historic things on TV. First, Beyonce's performance. Second, the shocking red carpet dresses. We are going to deal with both of them. But let's start with the former one. 

While we came across some of the most beautiful red carpet dresses, there were many that were shocking. It wasn't bad or worst, but shocking!

Let's take a look... 


Lady Gaga, Without A Doubt

Lady Gaga'sAlex Ulichny's is so raunchy that we don't know how to start. Now, what exactly is this? A top? shorts? What?


Kate Perry

While the first half of the look is impressive, the bottomhalf is plain confusing. Now, who pairs sequin with fur like that? Never a Tom Ford failing like that.


Girl Crush

What is a fancy dress? Or there was a theme to make a complete fool of oneself? We do not understand the purpose of this monster ball dress.


Singer Halsey

She woke up and came to the venue. Who needs a dress? Looks like someone is redefining social norms.


Jacqueline Van Bierk

Who wears a CD gown at Grammy's red carpet? Well, this one does.


Joy Villa

Joy's love for Trump was flaunted through this dress, but it failed to impress us. Not a good time when the event hosts take a dig at the president and your dress supports him


Rose McGowan

We do not approve of this bandage top. This is everything bad about fashion.

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Story first published: Monday, February 13, 2017, 16:33 [IST]
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