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Copy The 11 Best Oscar Hairstyles Now!

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Why should we pay full attention to sartorial when you can pay half the attention to hairstyles? At the grand evening of 88th Academy Awards, we saw a quirky take on hairstyles.  

While most of the time hairstyles go for a toss, this time at the Oscars, divas paid undivided attention to their hair. We have picked the best of Oscar hair for you guys. We highly recommend trying them out as soon as possible before it starts trending and gets boring. 

So here goes... The Best Of Oscar Hair:


Daisey Ridley Intricate Upknots

Try something quirky and a bit out of the box. Something like Daisey's up dos?


Charlize Theron's Tight Bun

Accentuate a neatly tied bun with a side fringe.


Jennifer Lawrence Sleek Hair

How about an asymmetric sleek straightened hairdo?


Olivia Rocks With Intricate Hair Braids

How about complicated hair braids ensemble in a tight bun.


Rooney Mara's Chic Up Dos

Rooney knows how to draw attention to herself by wearing the right kind of hairstyle.


Go Wavy With Lady Gaga

Go for the 60s waves, like Marilyn Monroes.


Priyanka Chopra's Ponytail

Or, sport a modest ponytail like Priyanka's?


Sofia Vergera's Sleek Ponytail

Sofia's highlighted sleek low ponytail with mid-parting is just the hairstyle you need.


Olivia Munn's Tight Messy Bun

Highlight your sharp features by tying your hair in a low messy bun.


Jennifer Garner's Puffed Bun

In Bollywood, this kind of hairstyles is majorly sported by Deepika Padukone. Need a refreshing look? Go for a puffed bun.


Dramatic Waves Like Andra Day

Ponder over the love of 60s with Andra Day's Oscar hairdo.

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