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Fashion For Relationship: 7 Clothing Items That Women Hate On Men

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Have you been wondering what women want? Well, it's time that you should stop wondering that and start asking yourself what do they don't want. 

You may be the most handsome man on this planet but if you don't dress up right, you can miss meeting your potential love partner. Now there are many clothing items that make a man's personality upbeat. 

But today, we are going to focus on what does not make you handsome. Many times men are focusing on what make them desirable and completely forget about what make them repel women. So in this piece, we have put together 7 clothing items that are an absolute women-repeller.

So when you're dressing up next, please avoid these. Or, simply do not buy them.



Yes. Unless you're a self-confessed hippie, please do not wear necklaces. Any jewellery is a women-repeller other than your wedding ring.


Deep V-Necks

These are the biggest turn offs. Let Salman Khan wear these in his movies. Don't follow Salman's movie fashion in your real life unless you want to drive women away from you.


Leather Pants!

It looks hot on a woman but on man it is just too ugly to even look at. If you have one already, keep them safe for a dancing performance or the best option, give them away.


Body-Hugging Tees

Men who have huge biceps are often seen wearing these. God knows what are they trying to do. If you want to flaunt your abs, please use something else. Don't follow this trend.


Tight Shorts

If you're arunner, then you're going to attract many women. But if you wear these shorts while you run, then you're going to drive them away. As simple as that.



It's good to work out but it's good to wear anything while you're working out in a public gym. Try and avoid colored stockings. And keep them only for dance shows.



These sandals look awesome on women but when it comes to men they are just plain turn off. Switch to fancy flip-flops or casual sneakers.

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