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Check Out These Fashion Trends That Dominated The 90s And Laugh Out Loud!

By: Kaustubha Sharma

Karishma Kapoor's caterpillar eyebrows, Kajol's unibro, Sunil Shetty's unnatural chest hair, Salman Khan's toplessness - Do you know what is common to all these? Yes, you might have guessed it right. IT'S THE '90S!

Let say Bollywood was not much of a fashion maven in those years. To put it right, the fashionable part of our beloved Bollywood had taken a back seat. Every thing was abnormally overused in every term - makeup, colours, bling, to name a few. But still the 90s kids, especially the college kids, had adored and donned every fashion faux pas with a million dollar smile. We might call it a fashion disaster now but back then these disasters were the coolest things ever.

What's Yolo and Selfie is to us, the tragic fashion and Govinda songs were to the 90s kids.
Of course, most of us are well aware of the 90s fashion faux pas, but there are many who do not know what was it like to live in 90s or should I say, how did it look like to live in 90s?

So reminiscing our love for the 90s trends and imparting knowledge to those who are absolutely unaware of the most hilarious and tragic fashion calamity, this post brings you the funniest 90s fashion trends:

1. Chiffon Sarees:

90s: When Fashion Was Drunk

The sensual chiffon sarees were the talk of the Bollywood in those days. I feel it was more of a yellow chiffon saree and the ill-fitted blouse disaster combined with Raveena Tandon's weirdly choreographed dance that made Tip Tip Barsa Pani a massive hit than the song itself.

2. SRK's Cool Quotient:

90s: When Fashion Was Drunk

If you have a brother who went to college in that era, he would know the worth of the 'cool' necklace. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai set a trend of cladding coloured clothes and friendship bands but most significantly it established the cool factor with the cool necklace that was donned by Shah Rukh.

3. Dungarees:

90s: When Fashion Was Drunk

Who would forget the denim dungarees highlighted in Jab Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? Our macho Salman Bhai sported it quite happily. Obligatory to mention the duo of Kajol and SRK who worn the brightest coloured dungarees in the song Koi Mil Gaya.

4. High Waist Denims:

90s: When Fashion Was Drunk

These days we hear high-waist shorts but back then people actually wore high
waist denims, all thanks to Aamir Khan and Salman Khan and likes of them.

5. Off Shoulder Blouses:

90s: When Fashion Was Drunk

Do you recall extra-curly unconditioned hair with off shoulder blouse/tops? If you have seen it once, you'd never take it off your mind. Try it and you'll fail. I've done it a million times.

6. Turtleneck:

90s: When Fashion Was Drunk

The horrifying turtle necks and the heroes donning them will burn any fashion lovers eyes.

Well, thank God, we weren't born in the era of fashion calamity. And a big salute to those who donned this fashion catastrophe happily.

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