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November Round Up: A Look Through Signature Styles Of Bollywood Stars

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Dying to know what dominates your B-Town star's wardrobe? No need to do that anymore. Because in this round-up we have a range of your favorite stars and their fashion fetishes. If you have missed any of our November Signature Style celebs, it's time you read this. So without bidding further adieu, let's talk about what you have been waiting to hear. Ladies and Gentleman, presenting the November round-up of Star Signature Style:


Jacqueline Fernandez Exploring Prints

Jaqueline loves to experiment with prints. While many think printed shirts are a thing of hipsters, Jackky, here, totally discards this theory. She has redefined prints in almost every fashion category. Jackky's chic use of prints in formals and handsomely printed maxis are something we all can learn from. But before, check out: Jackky's Print Fetish.


Alia Bhatt Is The Shoe Girl

Alia Bhatt is the self-confessed shoe girl but what she admires particularly is the shoe category is the boots. Don't believe us? Then check out: Alia Bhatt's Fetish For Boots


Katrina Kaif's Saree Love

Katrina Kaif might not have lived in India, but she is very much Indian at least in her wardrobe. Her choice of wardrobe is different from other B-Town celebs. She prefers to rock the charming saree look and you are right, she surely kills it every damn time.
Visit Katrina Kaif's Saree Gallery


Priyanka Chopra Loves Jumpsuits

Piggy Chops is no regular either. She keeps it casual but with a style. And what amalgamates casuals and style, it's the jumpsuits. Learn: How to style your jumpsuit from PC.


Shahid Kapoor's Baggy Pants

Shahid Kapoor has got that swag. It seems Shahid cannot get enough of his baggy pants. His mix and match with baggy pant is rather admirable. The only thing needed here is a rapper cap, but Shahid has left it to African Americans to complete it.
Have a look at: How Shahid fancies baggy pants


Big B Adores Velvet Coats

Mr. Amitabh Bachchan choice is as grand as himself. He doesn't go for regular wardrobe. He particularly picks velvet coats, blazers, etc for his event appearances. Big B's Velvet Coat Fad


Kareena Kapoor's Love For LBDs

Bebo can't get enough of Little Black Dresses and here she has taught us an entire chapter on styling black dresses in unique ways. Here...Kareena's Six Best LBDs Looks.


Aishwarya Rai Ball Gown Fad

Just like her father-in-law, Aishwarya only picks royal wardrobe, and her queenly choices top the ball gowns. Check the full story here: Aishwarya rai's Love For Her Gowns.


Sushmita Sen's Penchant For Black Gowns

Here Sushmita and Aishwarya's choice might match but Sush is very particular when it comes to picking gowns. This Scorpion lady loves to wear black gowns and we don't doubt that a tad.
Take Notes: From Sushmita's Gown Gallery


Dia Mirza Admires Ethnic Wears

Just like Katrina Kaif, Dia Mirza loves to don items from Indian wardrobe. But she doesn't have specifics like Katrina. From suits to sarees to lehengas, Dia is game for all.
See How Dia Mirza's Connection With Ethnic Ensembles

So fellas, what do you think of this round-up? Who's style matches yours or who's fetish irks you a lot? Let us know by commenting below. In case we missed your favorite star, drop the name in comment and we shall cover in this month. Pinky Promise.

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