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God Turns 65: Rajnikanth’s Most Fashionable Characters

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Rajnikanth aka Superstar, The Great Rajnikanth, Thalaivaa, and many other great names. Rajnikanth is eponymous for the word superstar.

And with the evolution of Social Media, we see a lot of Rajnikanth these days. Tweet peeps love tweeting about him and many even have started Rajnikanth memes. There was a time when Rajnikanth jokes were shared, laughed and talked about in parties; the jokes became essential to Indian popular culture. To give you a dose of his jokes:

1.Rajnikanth once wrote a cheque...The bank bounced.

2. Rajnikanth doesn't wear a watch, he decides what time it is.

Well, had fun? Now let's get back to talking about fashion. As mentioned earlier fashion is important to everyone and movies. Movies are one the major influences on fashion. And since Rajnikanth is the superstar, people follow his signature style blindly. And just not him but also his movie characters. Today our topic of fashion is the most fashionable characters of Rajnikanth. Also, our little gift to Rajnikanth on his 65th birthday.

Rajnikanth In Fur, Lingaa: Do you notice the lining of fur on Rajnikanth's trench coat. Well, if superstar goes around flaunting his fur coat, why can't you?

Rajni in fur coat

Rajnikanth In Purple, Sivaji: Here, Rajni is sporting a purple jacket with clever collars.

Rajnikanth in purple jacket

Rajnikanth's Traditional Side, Pedarayudu: In the movie, he wore white from tip-toe. The highlighting part of the outfit was the red-golden dupatta.

Rajnikanth sporting a red dupatta

Rajnikanth's White Wardrobe, Narsimha: In this movie, he again wore an all-white outfit but the dupatta was kept to a basic colour of brown.

Rajnikanth in white kurta pyjama

Rajnikanth's White Scarf, Enthiram: Here he wore a white scarf on an ivory white coat with a printed t-shirt.

Rajnikanth in white scarf

And that was all about Rajnikanth's most fashionable characters. A very Happy 65th birthday Mr. Rajnikanath.

Note to writer: Rajnikanth never celebrates birthdays, birthday celebrates Rajnikanth.

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Story first published: Saturday, December 12, 2015, 6:10 [IST]
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