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Dear Lord, Preity Walked Out Of Her House Looking Like This ?!

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Preity Zinta maybe a brilliant actress but she is not that brilliant when it comes to fashion. From her airport fashion to her event fashion, everything is an absolute disaster.

If you are not aware of Preity's awful taste in fashion. Let us give you an instance... She is someone who could wear sports shoes on a distasteful bright pink jacket and still walks out of her house happily.

Worst Dress Ever

We were hoping Preity would learn something from the fashion mavens of Bollywood like Kangana or Deepika but no she has not learned anything.

Worst Dress Ever

At a recent event, we spotted Preity making another fashion faux pas. Preity was attending an event when we spotted her wearing this reluctantly put-together outfit. A purple wrap-around dress paired with a puke-inducing waist belt.

Worst Dress Ever

As far as dress is concerned, we are fine with it. What we are not fine with is, her additional accessories.

Worst Dress Ever

On the top of that bad taste belt, she has gone a step ahead and added those black boots.
And again, for indoors, the actress has worn sunglasses. Seriously, Preity! It's high time you change your stylist or for the love of god stop styling your looks.

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