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    Most Wanted Types Of Bridal Gowns

    types of bridal gowns

    On an auspicious ceremony like the wedding day, there is nothing as important for a bride than to look good. Bridal gown is a very important factor in any Christian marriage and a bride sometimes plans for her bridal gown much before she decides on her groom.

    Funny, eh? Not really! A bride will always want to look her best on her D-day, thus wearing the best gown she can afford.

    Here are the types of gowns you can choose for your wedding day. They are traditional and also not old-fashioned.


    Royal Trail Gowns

    These gowns are often the dream of Christian brides. Seeing it in fantasy movies or even some other reel movies, these gowns fascinate brides. Most of you would be confused about the affordability but if you actually seek a good local designer, they would definitely make your dream come true at reasonable pricings.

    Why should celebrities have all the fun?


    Ball Gown

    Remember Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's ball gown for Festival De Cannes 2017? What about your bridal gown of the exact shape? It would be an 'out of the world' feeling, right? Stop imagining and describe the design to your bridal gown designer and you can get a similar ball gown shaped wedding gown, exclusively for you.


    Princess Gown

    Here goes our favourite one, princess bridal gown! The look of such a gown is as classy as its beauty. The strapless neckline and the classy sheath body gown is what a girl could ask for on her D-day. Try such a design for your wedding gown and you can surely stand out.


    Empire Gown

    We do not know the reason of this name, but this design definitely calls for attention. The name might be a direct reference to its usage by royal families. The design of this kind of gown is very elegant and also similar to the princess gown, just with sleeves and a plunging neckline.


    Mermaid Gown

    Mermaid gown is definitely in our favourites' row, and the outstanding design is responsible for being in this list. The ariel shaped gown in the same pattern of a mermaid's body made this one of our favourites. Do you really not want this to be a part of your wedding day look book?

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