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Get The Look: Nimrat Kaur's Latest Look Under 7000/-

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How awesome would it be if we could get our favourite  celebrity's outfits! But for some, it is only a dream. We could admire, praise and fantasise their outfits but in the end, it is just disheartening to not have that outfit in our closet, innit?

And let's not even get started with the designer outfits -- too expensive, which our stars get to wear for free. Anyway, it is not that upsetting. What if we can't get the exact outfit, but we can always cheat and get the similar looking one. In this piece, we are covering the latest look of Nimrat Kaur and guess what? You can get the entire look only for 6499/-.

Now read on... Nimrat wore this at one of the promotions of her movie Airlift. A simple white shirt neatly tucked in a maxi floral skirt, paired only with a gold chain. How simple and chic!

So let's show you how to get this gorgeous outfit under 7000/-. 

White Shirt: Nimrat wore a crisp white shirt with long sleeves. 

Nimrat Kaur wearing white shirt

Buy it here.

Floral Skirt: Nimrat wore a maxi floral skirt, but we plan to give you a better version of the skirt.

Nimrat Kaur floral skirt

Buy it here.

Gold Chain:  The only expensive item on the list. Since it's gold, you need to manage. But if you choose to drop it, then drop it. 

Gold Chain

Buy it here for 3499/-

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