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Bollywood Style Notebook: The Iconic Delhi Girl's Wardrobe In Band Baaja Baaraat

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In the movie Band Baaja Baaraat, Anushka plays the role of Shruti Kakkar, a young Delhi girl, who passed her exams and wants to start a business of her own. Since the role is of a typical Delhi girl, the designers have taken their time to justify all intricate designs.

If we only talk about sets and costumes of the movie, we would say it's been essayed with bright hues. Mostly because the storyline majorly involves wedding planning and since its the Indian wedding, you cannot go tight-arsed with colors.

All facets of a Delhi girl's wardrobe have been covered with Anushka's costume ensembles. The kurta, scarves, denims, patialas, etc. Well, all thanks to award-winning costume designer Niharika Khan for tailoring such vibrant and elegant ensembles. Having said a lot about Delhi girls and the movie, why not take a look inside the closet of the movie?

1. Bright Hues Are Always In: Anushka set a trend of patiala suits with the movie. This green bandhej suit paired with a yellow duppatta clearly suggest designer's love for colors. Make sure you notice the vibrant handbag and the intricately designed folder.

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Style Lessons From Band Baaja Baaraat
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Style Lessons From Band Baaja Baaraat
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Style Lessons From Band Baaja Baaraat
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2. Scarf It Up: It depicts Delhi girl's unfading love for scarves and likes of this category. Here Anushka has styled a regular blue t-shirt with a floral scarf; a rare sight, isn't it?

Style Lessons From Band Baaja Baaraat

3. Simple Is Classy: Delhi college-going girls sometimes prefer to drop off the fancy and switch to basics. A regular kurta matched with a pair of denims is all that is required.

Style Lessons From Band Baaja Baaraat

4. Wedding Hues: Delhi weddings are known for their use of vibrant colors. In the movie, where Anushka character is a wedding planner, it is obligatory to don a bright salwar suit, and she did the right job with neon green and orange duppatta.

Style Lessons From Band Baaja Baaraat

5. Accentuate With A Jacket: Kurtas are best when paired with a matching jacket -- style lesson we learned from the designers of Band Baaja Baaraat.

6. The Iconic Patiala Salwar: This was one of the iconic salwar suit ensembles in the movie. Purple, yellow, green, red, the use of rainbow colors have done a satisfying job to the apparel.

7. The Kurta Fad: If you are in Delhi and you do not spot at least one girl wearing a kurta then perhaps, you still have time to reach Delhi. A typical Delhi girl's wardrobe essentials include a must-have kurta.

So which one of the above fashion fads you are most likely to follow? Let us know by commenting below.

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