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12 Hairstyles From Alia Bhatt That Could Transform The Way You Look

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Hairstyles are a wonderful thing that can add so much power to your look. Hairstyles can breakdown the look or give the look a complete face-lift. Taking style inspiration from celebrities has been an age-old tradition.

So, who better to take hairstyle inspiration from than our very own Alia Bhatt. Off-late she's sported all the chic hairstyles of the season. You name it and Alia has probably donned it already. We love the multiple styles of braids she has donned and we love how her hair looks so effortless at all times.

Today, we present to you a list of all the amazing hairstyles that Alia has donned over the last few months that we have fallen head over heels in love with.


The Side-Tuck

At the trailer launch of Udta Punjab, Alia decided to go for this simple yet sophisticated pinning on one side of the head.


The Knotted Braids

The herringbone braid combined with self knotting with the hair looked very cute and adorable on her.


The Beachy Locks

A plain, simple black band on the beachy curls made it look tame and ruly with a dash of cuteness.


The Side Hair Bow

With a twist from the front that leads to a twisted bow from her locks is nothing short of princessy.


The Cornrow & Braid

One single corn with beautiful flowy hair, then followed by a string of a pretty braid right above the nape of the neck.


Hair Loops & A Pony

With mini hair loops adorning one side of the head and the rest of the hair tied up in a low-side pony.


The Half-Up Pony

The top half section of the hair in a dainty pony and a bow on it and the bottom half of the hair in loose locks.


The Half-Up Knot

The top section in a mini-top knot with the bottom half of the hair framing the face. This hairstyle is a raging summer trend.


The Side Herring-Bone Braid

This plait starts right from the partitions and goes all the way down to one side of the head and it looks quite chic.


The Side Twist

Tousled locks twined together to make this relaxed but elegant look is simple and a easy go-to hairstyle when in a rush.


The Layered Braids

On straightened hair, this multiple braid adorns like jewellery to the hair and it looks chic and crisp.


The Total Loop

A snippet of her upcoming project shows only her hair, and it has this loopy style to it all over and we cannot wait to see the rest of it.

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