5 Shoe Items That Make An Aquarius Girl Crazy

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It's the month of Aquarius. The rebellious Aqua girl is known for her quirky and unconventional style. She follows her own life rules and same goes for her fashion.

Earlier we covered an article on Aquarius girls' outfits and today we are covering the part II of the same article, or the extended version: Shoes.

So what's the shoe fashion like down there in Aquarius alley? Two words: Endearing and Captivating. Her eccentric choices are same in clothes as well as shoes. She is not a typical stiletto girl or a sophisticated ballerina lady. She has her own style and sometimes that excludes shoes.

Aquarius are very interesting if you observe their style closely. Their personalities are well reflected through their clothes. They are the ones who start a fashion fad first and then the rest of the world picks up.

Like tan oxfords, it was started boho Aquarius girls at the musical festivals and now the whole world follows the oxford trend. So if you are someone who wants to be the first one to try a new trend, keep noticing your Aquarius friend and you'll surprise yourself.

Having said that, let's throw some light on what kind of shoes an Aquarius girl loves to wear:


Tan Boots

An Aquarius has a soft corner for this colour. They prefer ankle-length boots over knee-lengths. But the boots are never regular. You'll always see a hint of accents on the boots, be it frills or silver chains.



While the world hates this category, an Aquarius embraces it. A true rebel, innit?


Toe Thongs

It's a new thing among this boho community. They love to wear flip flops for their comfort but toe thongs are even better for their quirkiness.



Loafer is comfortable and stylish. And it can be matched with all the boho outfits an Aquarius owns.



Sandals with some hint of unique factor. it can be a cut out or some embellishment. Sandals are always a preferred option over heels for an Aquarius.

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Story first published: Saturday, January 23, 2016, 13:00 [IST]
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