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Aquarius, The Hippie Girl Outfits -- Weird. Wow. Whimsical.

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It's the month of Aquarius. The intellectuals of the Zodiac, and the rebels. Let's read a bit more on the Aqua girl, shall we?

An Aquarius girl is independent, humanitarian and elusive. She is difficult and easy, in short, she is incomprehensible. The ruling planet Uranus makes sure that she cannot pay attention to anyone around her but her thoughts and that is why it is highly difficult for everyone around to catch her thoughts. She lives in a different galaxy in our head and same goes for her fashion.

People born under this sign are anything but conventional. No other sign enjoys breaking traditional rules as much as an Aquarius. You can get this straight from their dressing style. Aquarius would never follow a theme party rule.

Aquarius are the ones who would walk in wearing just a t-shirt with boots while every other girl in the room would be clad in little black dresses.

An Aquarius girl is peace-loving and yet rebellious. There is something in her that belongs to everyone yet no one. She would fight for humanitarian causes but when it comes to her individuality she would not give up anything and that's what makes her a typical boho girl. Boho fashion is ideal for an Aquarius.

For fashion, Aquarius prefer something fashionable, unique and comfy. They will never go for a tight-fitted bodycon dress. And boho outfits are quirky and comfy. You'll find below 7 listed clothing items that you'll find in a typical Aquarius girl's outfit.

If you are an Aquarius and don't have any of these yet, we are sure you'd love to buy these.


A White Crochet Cotton Dress

Aquarius likes to run her life with quips and quirks. A white cotton dress is comfy and crochet works add the quirky factor which makes it a staple clothing item in an Aquarius closet.


A Printed Maxi Flared Skirt

Aquarius doesn't like to show off, they just love to be different. That's why a sparkling printed maxi dress with double flare is just the right thing for her.


A Printed Maxi Dress

An Aquarius girl will prefer a maxi just for the comfort. But she won't but a simple solid colour maxi ever. Or, if she does she'll add a lot of silver headgears and feather jewelry to the look.


Short With Accents

A plain denim short? So not for her. She loves shorts but with some unique elements which could be added by some frills or a silver jewelry belt.


Iron Maiden Tees (Or Any T Shirt With Absurd Prints)

You can spot an Aquarius at a concert spot on. Trick: She is the one who is wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt with round glasses and boots. No pants because she was too lazy.


Floral Separates (Vibrant Prints)

Aquarius love accents and colours. But they won't keep a simple floral dress chic, they'll add a lot of drama to the outfit with a lemon green cross bag and a hat.


A Colourful Dungaree

Aquarius would not go for conventional blue denim dungaree. They would rather go to a paint fight wearing that dungaree and then sport the same with a smile at a concert.

Some famous Aquarius are: Jennifer Aniston, Oprah Winfrey, Preity Zinta, Rihanna, Shakira

Coming Soon... More on Aquarius fashion. Keep coming back Aqua girls.

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Story first published: Thursday, January 21, 2016, 19:00 [IST]
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