Green Peas And Mint Soup Recipe

By: Debdatta Mazumder

While you are on a crash diet, soup is one of the food items that keeps you full for long without adding any calories to your diet. Green peas and mint soup is a soup which is very filling. Both the ingredients are very healthy. You can have it at lunch or dinner or have it before your main course.

Even if you have a small party at your house, you can offer this to your guests at the beginning. With high fibre and low cholesterol, this soup is really awesome for your health. Know how to make green peas and mint soup easily.

Serves- 4

Preparation Time- 10 minutes

Cooking Time- 20 minutes


1. Green Peas- 2 cups

2. Butter- 1 tsp

3. Salt to taste

4. Water- 2 cups

5. Onion- ¼ cup (chopped)

6. Milk- ½ cup

7. Fresh Mint Leaves- 1 tbsp (finely chopped)

8. Black Pepper Powder- ½ tsp (freshly ground)

All the ingredients are easy available. Now, it's time to prepare the dish. Follow the recipe-


1. Heat a pan and add butter into it. Now, add onions and sauté well until they become transparent.

how to prepare green peas soup

2. Now, add green peas and water. Don't forget to add salt into it. Now, let it boil well.

how to prepare green peas soup

3. Check if the peas have boiled and have become softer. Keep it at room temperature for a while and then you can add it to a mixer. Your green peas puree is ready.

how to prepare green peas soup

4. Now, take another pan and add water, milk and green peas puree into it. Mix everything well. Add black pepper and mint leaves and mix again. Let it boil for a few minutes and your soup is ready.

how to prepare green peas soup

5. Serve it in a beautiful bowl.

how to prepare green peas soup

Try it at home and have it hot with bread sticks. It will be a full but light meal for your lunch when you are trying to lose weight.

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