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Cornflakes Crunchies: Chocolate Dessert For Kids

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Cornflakes crunchies are a cornflakes recipe yours kids will get hooked on to. We always insist that our kids eat healthy nutritious food and they want something that is 'fun'. This Indian microwave recipe combines both health and the element of fun for kids. Cornflakes crunchies is the perfect chocolate dessert recipe to try if you want to give your little monsters a treat. It is a very good cornflakes recipe to make for kids parties and sleepovers. If your child is not fond of milk then you may be able to bribe him or her into downing a glass of milk with this yummy dish.

This is an laughably easy Indian microwave recipe to try. You need nothing expensive or complicated for making it. Your kids will love it and you will be a happy mother. So if you are running out of kids food ideas to please your little ones then definitely try this one.

Ingredients For Cornflakes Crunchies:

1. Bars of milk chocolate 2 (preferably Lindt)
2. Milk 1 cup
3. Cocoa powder or drinking chocolate
4. Cornflakes 1 cup
5. Almonds 10 (chopped finely)
6. Raisins10 (chopped)
7. Cashew 10 (chopped)
8. Groundnut or peanuts 10
9. Cherries/strawberry 5 (optional)
10. Butter 50 grams

Procedure For Cornflakes Crunchies:

  • Melt the butter in a microwavable dish. Heat it for 2 minutes in the microwave on maximum power.
  • Pour the milk in it and let it heat for 4 minutes on 80 percent power.
  • Mix the cocoa powder in the hot milk and put the bars of chocolate in it.
  • Microwave it for 5 minutes on 60 percent power for the chocolate to melt.
  • Remove the pan and stir to mix the molten chocolate. Now pour in the chopped nuts and raisins. Stir is well. Add the cornflakes in the end so that it does not become soggy.
  • Mix the whole mixture evenly and pour it out into small cups. Refrigerate it for an hour or two for the hot chocolate to freeze.

You can decorate the Cornflakes Crunchies with sliced strawberries or cherries and it also mean your kid eats some fresh fruits!

Story first published: Thursday, September 22, 2011, 16:19 [IST]
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