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Seafood Recipes: An Evening Treat

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The best cuisine which will make your evening is seafood. There are a lot of people in the world who love to binge on seafood and when there is a lot of options for you to choose from, you can select wisely. Seafood is a variety where you are restricted to only a particular list of fish and shell fish, as other variety of fish are not good for health.

Today, we present to you a wide range of seafood which you can try out this special evening. This widespread of seafood is not only healthy for you to consume, but also good for those who want to live longer. Experts say that seafood is beneficial for one's health when compared to other sort of meats like red and white meat, being beef and chicken respectively.

The only tip you need to follow when you make seafood is to wash the fish in proper manner and to clean the waste material in the fish. You also need to boil shellfish before you make the required dish.

The reason why seafood is beneficial for health is because of these reasons - It is low in fat, it is good for the heart and contains high amount of proteins and vitamins.

Lets take a look at some of the seafood recipes you can try out this evening:


Oyster n Mushroom

The combination of oyster and mushroom is what you can try out this evening. The flavour of the mushroom when cooked blends well with the ingredients of oysters.


Baked fish

For those who are conscious of your health and weight, this is one of the best recipes to try out this evening. Baked fish is simple and easy to make.


Grilled Masala Fish

The masala which is present in the fish helps to enhance the taste of the fish by itself. When you grill fish, you retain the fish oil which is the most tastiest ingredient found in a fish.


Lobster Thermidor

Blended with cheese and spices, this is one of the best seafood recipes to try out on a Monday evening. You will also get to enjoy the baked lobster meat which is soft in nature.


Red pepper salmon

Salmon is one of the highly nutritious fish you can consume. When you add red peppers along with this fish, you add on the proteins and the Omega fats.


Thai oysters

Oysters with thai noodles is the best combination for those who love Thai food. You can add in hot and sweet garlic sauce with this dish to enhance the taste.


Veggie Trout

Trout is a special fish which contains high amount of proteins which is especially good for a growing child. You can add boiled veggies to this dish to bring out the special flavour.


Tomato Crab

For those who love add a tingy taste to their seafood, you should try this recipe. This shellfish is yummy as it is sweet and sour!


Mint Scallops

You can try out the mint scallops recipe this evening. Mint scallops are spicy and can be eaten alongside Koreans sticky rice


Tandoori Prawns

If you love tandoori chicken, you will also love this seafood recipe. The tandoori prawns share the same spices with tandoori chicken.


Shrimp Biryani

There are some who love to binge on a rice item for dinner. If you are having a guest over, prepare this seafood recipe. It is easy and rice lovers will surely find themselves indulging in this treat.


Crab cakes

Crab cakes are every child's favourite. You can prepare this dish only with crab meat and a lot of added Indian spices. Try out this seafood recipe this evening!


Crunchy fish

Roti alongside this yummy chilli fish is the best option for you to choose from. This seafood recipe is a light dinner treat for you to binge on.


Lemon Oyster

Oysters are only loved by a few people. This seafood recipe is a must try this evening. The tangy taste of lemon and oyster will give your tongue a slight swirl.


Prawns and hot beat sauce

It is one of the best seafood recipes to have along with white or tomato rice. The prawns and hot bean sauce can also be eaten alongside Chinese noodles or fried rice.

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Story first published: Monday, September 23, 2013, 18:12 [IST]
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