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7 Kebabs To Try On A Holiday

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India, being the land of diversities, has a treasure of different meat recipes. Of these, kebabs are one of the most craved for food which excites a meat lover's taste-buds like nothing else.

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If you have a holiday today and have nothing else to do at home, then here are some of the best kebab recipes that you can try. These seven kebabs have to be marinated well with the right Indian spices so that they add flavour to your rotis or dal and rice.

So,what are you waiting for? Take a virtual trip of the kebabs we have lined up for you to try preparing at home today.

Kalimiri Kebab

Kalimiri Kebab - The most important ingredient for chicken kalimiri kebab is freshly ground pepper. ‘Kalimiri ‘ basically means black pepper. This chicken kebab is usually made with succulent pieces of boneless meat.

Reshmi Kebab With Egg

Reshmi Kebab With Egg - Reshmi literally translates to 'silky'. The kebabs are named so because the chicken kebab is garnished with sugar syrup resha.

Hariyali Chicken Kebab

Hariyali Chicken Kebab - You can come across these green and spicy appetizers in most of the Punjabi restaurants and dhabas. The marinade is made using a combination of mint and coriander leaves along with yogurt and a rich blend of spices.

Tangri Kebab

Tangri Kebab - The good thing about kebabs are that they use little or no oil at all. You can team delicious tangri chicken kebab with boiled rice, indian bread or can just serve it as a starter dish.

Shikampuri Kebab

Shikampuri Kebab - Shikampuri kebab of Hyderabad is also one such kebab recipe which hails from the royal kitchens of the Nizam. Originally, the kebabs of the Hyderabadi cuisine are cooked on the heated stone. This heated stone releases a smoky flavour when it comes in contact with the meat and spices. This is what gives the kebabs their unique taste.

Kakori Kebab

Kakori Kebab - The Kakori kebab is a delight for the non vegetarian foodies. It has the melt-in-mouth taste which is the specialty of the Awadhi kebab recipes.

Sheek Kebab

Sheek Kebabs - But no dish is as famous as the legendary sheek kebabs. The specialty of this kebab recipe is that it is grilled on skewers or 'sheeks' as they are called in India.

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Story first published: Friday, October 2, 2015, 12:31 [IST]
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