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7 Lip Shades That Are As Charming As Red Lipstick

Any time you want to make an impact, you automatically reach for you red lipstick. It just has the charm and boldness to make a long-lasting impact. You can never get bored of the classic red lip look. Or can you?

Red lipstick is a great option to wear to a party or get-together. But it can get a little repetitive after a while. Our quest to find an alternative shade that is as cool as red lipstick is often disappointing. If that is your issue as well, you probably have been prejudiced towards other lip shades. To help you with that, here are 7 lip shades that can be as charming as red lipstick, if not more.


Burnt Orange

Burnt orange is the new brown. There are certain skin tones that brown lip shade does not do justice to. Burnt orange would not disappoint you. It is a classy, graceful and beautiful shade that just brings out the best in your skin tone. With the burnt orange shade on your lips, you are sure to turn heads.



A daring lip shade, orange comes the closest to best the charm of the red lipstick. Granted the bright lip shade can be a little bit intimidating to put on but do not let that hold you back from trying this fun shade. Step out of your comfort zone and dazzle everyone around.

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Mauve lip shade is beautiful and bold. If there is a lip shade that can give you the dark vibes, it is the mauve shade. You might have heard that the way you dress up reflects on the way you feel. This intense, bold and fabulous lift shade will make you the most confident person in the room. Take the leap of faith and pick that mauve shade on your next trip to the beauty store.



Pink, the colour loved by every woman. How can this not make into this list! If there is a lip shade that can replace the classic red in your vanity and capable of giving your make-up collection a fresh addition, it is this subtle and pretty shade. It will go with all your dress and make-up looks. The best part- put it on your eyes and cheeks and you have the much-hyped monochromatic look.

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Light Purple

It is difficult to leave the comfort of your trusty nude shades and dazzling red and switch to something as different as a purple lip shade. Because we know different these shades are. But we would still encourage to try this lip shade before discarding it completely. Most likely this peppy and bright lip shade will become your stape just after a few wears.


Tan Brown

We apply lipstick to make our lips stand out of our face. But what if blending them in can also be that effective! And that is what tan brown lip shade does. It blends your lips with your face so beautifully that it stands out.



Brown lip shade is hands down one of the most popular lip shades out there. Even before the nude shades took the beauty industry by storm, brown lipstick or brown lip line for that matter was present in every girl's vanity that like make-up. It is just so universal. If you do not know what shade you want to pair your attire with, go brown. There is a catch though. If you don't choose the right shade of brown, you might end up looking washed out. It will take you a few hit and trials to find the brown for you.

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