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13 Eye Make-up Mistakes You’re Making That Prevent You From Having That Snatched Look

Eye make-up is the most intricate part of your entire make-up routine. It is a step (read a whole bunch of steps) that can make or break how your make-up turns out. In fact, for many of us, eye make-up is what we think as make-up. But how many of us really know what we are doing when it comes to eye make-up. I bet not many!

When we attempt creating any look, we are often disappointed at the end result. Have you ever wondered why does that happen? Despite giving all to creating the look you had in mind, it does not exactly turn out good. It's the simple mistakes that prevent you from creating that snatched look. Today we have covered all these mistakes. Correct them and flaunt your stunning make-up.

Using Dark Eyeshadow With Dark Circles

Dark circles are quite annoying. Not only do they ruin your natural look but enhance your beloved smokey eye make-up in the worst way. The deep shade of your eyebrows exaggerates your dark circles and makes your eyeshadow not so flattering.

If you have dark circles, do not go for deep shades of eyeshadow. Keep it fun and bright. If you do want to use a deeper eyeshadow shade, cover up your dark circles with a full coverage concealer.

Taking Blending Lightly

I can't tell you how important blending is in your make-up. Professional make-up artists take about an hour to create certain eye looks. This alone should tell you the power of blending. Oftentimes, it is the blending that makes your look bad or beautiful. Take your time blending each eyeshadow shade. As you layer the eyeshadow, give more attention to your blending. Get the right blending brush and blend your way to a great eye make-up.

Not Using Transition Shade

How many of you skip the transition shade while applying the shadow? Yes, now you know why it doesn't look snatched. Transition shade is the first eyeshadow shade that you put in your crease and there is a reason for that. The transition shade helps the other shadows to blend together smoothly and flawlessly without a single harsh line. So, if you don't put the transition shade, start doing it now.

Neglecting Eye Primer

Eye primer serves two purposes- sticking the eyeshadow to your lids and intensifying the colour of your shadow. Both of these functions are imperative in deciding how the final look is. Get yourself an eye primer.

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Putting On The Liner Before The Eyeshadow

There's a particular chronology when it comes to doing the eye make-up. Disturb that and you are compromising your look. If you put your liner first, for one thing, your eyeliner is going to be messed and for second, you will not get the crisp and clear look. So remember first eyeshadow than eyeliner.

Curling After The Mascara

Curling your eyelashes can take your look up a notch in an instant but not if done the wrong way. Curling the eyeshadow after putting on the mascara will crumple the mascara and the resulting fallout is definitely going to mess up your eyeshadow. So, curl the lashes before putting on the mascara.

The Wrong Order Of The Shadows

Chronology, again! Yep, that's how important it is. That is how it goes- transition shade, the outer corner and the inner corner. Are you following this order? If not, this is what is messing up your look. Also, at each step blend your shadows until your hands hurt (not literally!).

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Lining The Waterline

Sharply lining your waterline after a heavy eye make-up doesn't look flattering. It makes things messy and enclosed, especially if you have small eyes. Keep your eyeliner bare or just put the kohl on the outer corners of your lower waterline. Better still is to fill your lower waterline with a white eyeliner.

Skipping Your Brows

Eyebrows do come under the eye make-up. The brows frame your eyes and your face. It is important that when you do your eyes, make sure you define and fill your eyebrows as well. Otherwise the look seems incomplete.

You Did Not Tap Off The Excess

Eyeshadow fall out is never pretty. It not only compromises your eye make-up but your entire face a.k.a your base make-up as well. The excess on the brush makes it difficult for you to blend the eyeshadow properly and thus ruins your look. To rectify that, after you dip your brush into the eyesight, tap off the excess before applying the shadow.

Doing Thick Eyeliner

What is the point in doing all the jazz of eye make-up if your eyeliner is going to cover up half of your lid! Doing a thick eyeliner takes the charm out of your eyebrows. Reserve the thick eyeliner for the days you are keeping your eyes bare.

Forgetting To Highlight The Inner Corner

The inner corner of your eyes makes all the difference, if you already didn't know that. It adds the sparkle to your look and makes it more charming. It opens up your eyes and direct the attention to where it should be. After you are done with your eye make-up, pop a white or golden shadow at the inner corner of your eyes. You are going to fall in love with the look that would create.

Not Practicing

The key to a snatched eye make-up or for that matter base make-up is practice. Practice, practice and practice until you get it right. Start with the simple looks and gradually move towards the more complicated ones.