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10 Amazing Ways To Look Great On Video Calls

Videos calls have never been a bigger thing as it is today. With Coronavirus pandemic, the world is in lockdown. Schools, colleges and workplaces are all operating from home (except the essential services, of course!). With most of us working from home and studying from home, meetings and presentations through video calls have become a constant in our lives. Not only for the official purposes, but video calls are also the best way to stay connected to our friends and family. But, video calls also make us self-conscious.

Believe it or not, video calls freak out more of us than you think. And now that we are on video calls almost every day of our lives, we want to look great while on the call. Considering that we are lounging around in comfy clothes, it can be a task. So, how do you look your best on video calls? Here are 10 tips to make you look great, confident and less self-conscious on video calls.


Try To Get Natural Light

You would be surprised by how much of a difference lighting can make. Remember the celeb mirrors traced by small little light on all the corners? Yep, lighting is the reason. And no, you don't need to get that crazy. Natural lighting is the best. Choose a corner of your house that gives you the best natural light. And face the window. Do not keep your back towards. The light should hit your face. And if that is not possible, choose a place in your home where the light is falling directly on your face and not from below, It is not a pretty sight. And choose the white light over yellow light.


Know Your Angle

The camera angle during the video call determines greatly how you look. Keep the camera at the wrong angle and you would wound up looking hideous (no joke!). For starters, double chin does not look on anyone. So, do not keep your camera on a lower angle. While you are in a professional call, your camera should be able to capture your face and the upper portion of your body. So, adjust it accordingly. If possible, keep the camera at your eye length. This will give you more precision. And while talking look at the camera and not at the person you are speaking to. This will give you direct eye contact and make it look more professional.

Do not move the camera around too much. It is distracting and annoying. Keep the camera steady. To know your best angle, open the camera on your phone and try to figure out what camera angle works best for you.

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Keep A Distance

While we are at the topic of camera angle, let's about the distance of your face from the camera. Many of us make the mistake of keeping our face too close to the camera and end up looking not huge and not so great. Keep an arms distance between the camera and your face and you will immediately see the difference it makes.


Keep The Background Clean

One of the most neglected parts of a video call is the background. This especially matters if you are having a professional call. You want to make sure that your background is clean and solid before answering the video call. A messy background is distracting and does not give a great impression of you.

While this might not be as important when you make a personal call, it is always a nice gesture to keep things less distracting.


Do A Quick Hairdo

No matter how amazing your make-up is, messy hair makes you look messy. So before the video call, do a quick hairdo, even if it is just brushing your hair and keeping the hair elegantly over the shoulder. If you have long hair, tie it up in a ponytail or a quick three-strand braid and you instantly look more presentable.

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Make Your Eyes Fluttery

It is a work from home situation and you won't be red carpet ready at home, right? So, doing a full face of make-up to look good on a video call might (read definitely) look too much. Times like these require you to pull out the make-up tricks up your sleeve. One of the best ways to look great without being OTT is to make your eyes pop. And how do you do it? Curl your lashes and put on some coats of mascara. It makes you look wide awake and pretty.


Add A Little Tint On The Lips

Another great make-up trick to make your look amazing on the video call is to add a tint of colour on your lips. It can be done using a lip gloss or patting a nude lipstick on your lips using your fingers. Go with the nude shade that is close to your lip colour or your skin tone. That way you won't look overdone.


Or Just Add Some Blush

We promise this is the last make-up trick. Last but very important. Not many of us are aware of the power of a blush. Adding a subtle colour to our cheeks make us look flushed and bright. This is a great look to have for the video call. To keep the look natural, dip your brush in the blush palette, tap off the excess and lightly graze your cheeks with the blush.


Keep Your Posture Straight

Be mindful of your posture in the video call. Sitting straight will make your look attentive and active, and thus great. Do not slouch. It is not pretty to look at and it makes you look lazy, tired and uninterested. If you find it difficult to sit straight for long and you by default start to slouch, take the help of a chair. Keep your back attached to the chair and you will have a great posture.


Dress Appropriately

Lastly, pay attention to the way you dress. Your clothes not only make you look good but also make you feel good and thus look good. You don't have to wear your work clothes, but keep your best house clothes for the video calls. If it is a professional call and you do need to look formal, a great trick is to put on only the shirt and keep your pyjama on. Nobody is paying attention to your lowers.

So, these were 10 amazing ways to look great on a video call. Hope this helps you and make the video calls less daunting. And while you are at it, try to be a video call pro. And do tell us which trick worked the best for you in the comment section below.

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