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Year Ender: 5 Celebs-Approved Eyeliner Trends That Ruled 2020 And Might Dominate 2021 As Well

No make-up is ever complete without eyeliner. Even if we are stepping out of your home, we might not put the complete make-up but eyeliner is something which we can never miss. Whether we are heading towards an office or going to a party, while we are running late, we just put eyeliner and our favourite shade of lipstick, knowing it itself makes for a perfect make-up look. Eyeliner not only looks classy when put it in the right way but also changes the entire look and shape of our eyes, that enhances our look.

Though due to coronavirus pandemic we have spent almost 10 months of 2020 at home but the year has also given the beauty enthusiasts an incentive to experiment with their looks. From triple wings to neon colours, we have seen them coming up with stunning eyeliner trends. Even our celebrities have aced multiple eyeliner looks and grabbed our attention. So, let us take a look back at the 5 amazing eyeliner trends that ruled 2020 and might be dominating 2021 as well. Take a look.


1. Nia Sharma’s Yellow Eyeliner With White Wings

Popular Indian television actress Nia Sharma has experimented a lot with her looks throughout the year. However, her this eyeliner look of hers is what that's definitely going to take over 2021. She kept her base minimal and went for bare lids. From the inner corner of her eyes to the end of her upper lash line, she applied a thick line of yellow eyeliner on her bare lids. The actress further created wings with white eyeliner by applying a thin line, dragging it to the outer corner of her eyes. With light-pink lip shade, she wrapped up her look.


2. Malaika Arora’s Blue Eyeliner With Black Wings

Malaika Arora recently impressed us with her eye make-up look. Keeping her base flawless, she softly contoured and highlighted her T-zone, cheekbones, and jawline. Coming to her eyes, the diva went for a very light eye shadow and blended it well. She then applied a thick line on her upper lash line with the help of blue eyeliner, from the inner corner of her eyes to the end. Malaika then outlined her blue eyeliner with black eyeliner, starting from the middle of her lash line and dragging it to the outer corner of her eyes, giving it a triangular shade. Soft blush and pink lip shade, elevated her look.


3. Hina Khan’s Neon Blue Winged Eyeliner

When it comes to eyeliner trends, Hina Khan comes on the top of the list to create them. Throughout the year, she has experimented with a lot of eyeliner colours. From yellow to blue, she has aced many neon colours and the colours have been ruling the year. The actress let her lids go bare and instead upped her look with just an eyeliner of neon blue shade. Starting from the middle of her upper lash line, she applied a thin line and dragged it to the outer corner of her eyes to make it winged. Her base consisted of foundation, concealer, contouring, and highlighter. With nude pink lip shade, she rounded out her look.


4. Urvashi Dholakia’s Triple-Winged Eyeliner

We have seen two-winged eyeliner ruling 2019 and now this year, Urvashi Dholakia came up with triple winged eyeliner and gave us major eye makeup goal. From the inner corner of her eyes, she applied a thick line of classic black eyeliner. The actress then created three wings from the same eyeliner at the outer corner of her eyes. Her eye make-up was further enhanced by shimmering brown eye shadow, black kohl, and heavy mascara. With pink blush and glossy red lip shade, Urvashi completed her look.


5. Mrunal Thakur’s Triple-Hued Eyeliner

Mrunal Thakur took eyeliner game to another level as she totally nailed her look with three different eyeliner shades- neon yellow, red, and white. Starting from the inner corner, she applied a thick line of neon yellow eyeliner till the middle of her upper lash line. The actress then applied red eyeliner, from the middle till the end. Mrunal then created wings with the help of white eyeliner. With black kohl, mascara, and glossy lipstick, she spruced up her look.

So, what do you think about these eyeliner trends aced by celebrities? Which eyeliner trend would you like to flaunt in 2021 too? Let us know that in the comment section.

Courtesy: Nia Sharma's Instagram/Malaika Arora's Instagram/Hina Khan's Instagram/Urvashi Dholakia's Instagram/Mrunal Thakur's Instagram

Story first published: Wednesday, December 30, 2020, 18:00 [IST]