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These Are The Feminine Spots Where Women Can Get Tattoos

By Rima Chowdhury

Getting tattoos is the real trend these days, be it a man or a woman. When a woman considers inking a tattoo, she should first find out about the exact spot for getting a tattoo.

For a lady, it is important to find out about the feminine spots for a getting a tattoo done. A tattoo can enhance the appeal of a woman and what better than having a feminine one at the right spot?

A woman should consider getting tattoos on the place where it is most appealing, which helps to enhance the look and also makes her look feminine. The tattoo spot should be reconsidered before giving a final shot because sometimes, you may need to hide it when needed.

If you are super-excited to get yourself inked, check out the best feminine spots where a tattoo would add to all the charm and beauty.


1. On The Foot

The foot is considered to be one of the best spots for a woman to get a tattoo done. A woman can get floral designs done on the foot or some sort of a feminine design. Tattoo on the foot can really look good with a pair of high heels.


2. Collarbone

Collarbone is one of the sexiest and attractive parts of any woman, which enhances her look and makes her appear sexy. Most of the women opt for a tattoo on the collarbone, as it looks super attractive. You can opt for a star, butterfly or very small tattoo designs to be inked on this area. Avoid getting large-sized tattoos here.


3. Hip

If you are a curvy woman and are finding a good place to get a tattoo done, we'd suggest you give a shot to the hip region. Go a little playful, girl, and the best part is, you can hide it at all times and only let it show on "special occasions". So, get your tattoo on the hips to add an awesome appeal to your beauty.


4. Behind The Ears

If you are a soft and shy girl by attitude, you can opt for a tattoo behind the ears. Ears are tender and soft and hence you should be very cautious while getting your tattoo behind the ears. However, when you are opting to get a tattoo done behind the ears, you can opt for very small-sized tattoos. If not needed, you can cover it with hair or makeup.


5. Inner Wrist

Another common place for a woman's tattoo spot is the inner wrist. The inner wrist is one among the best places to get a tattoo done for a woman. This is a feminine spot which will for sure accentuate the look and the appeal factor of a woman.


6. Back

Back is a common spot for a woman to get a tattoo done. Most of the women choose to get a tattoo done on their back because they prefer flaunting it only when required, otherwise leave it covered. Also, for a lady who requires a full-length tattoo, she should get a tattoo done on the back, as this is the best place to flaunt off her crazy yet feminine side.

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 4, 2017, 8:00 [IST]
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