Sexy Lingerie For Valentine's Day

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The much awaited romantic week has started today. We are talking about the Valentine Week which has commenced from 7th February. Every year, couples get excited and start preparing for surprises to impress their partners and win their hearts all over again!

While men plan gifts and special dinner dates for their lady loves, women can also surprise their men with what they love! We are not talking about the boring gadgets that men love. There is one thing that can always excite a man. And that thing is a sexy lingerie!

It is fun to spice up romance in your love lives and celebrate every single day of the Valentine week by wearing some seductive and sexy lingerie. Boldsky is here to help you pick up some sexy lingerie for turning up the fire inside the bedroom. Make every day or night of Valentine week sensual. From pink to the smoking hot black, here is a nice mix of lace, sheer and satin lingerie to try on Valentine's Day. Who other than the leading brand, Victoria's Secret can offer the best and sexy lingerie! Take a look at some of the fashionable lingerie to surprise your valentine...


Sexy Lingerie For Valentines Day:


Black Garter Lingerie

Black is a classy colour which can make you look all the more sexy. Wear a garter belt with the lingerie to get this link.


Lace Garter Belt

The black and light pink lace lingerie has been stylishly worn with a lace garter belt. The underwear has a pink heart in satin silk.



Pink is one of the favourite colours of women. This is basically a push up bra which has been worn with a matching pink underwear. Love the white thread embroidery on it.


Plain Or Embroidered

You can either go for the plain lingerie or try some stylish embroidered ones in lace or silk.


The Cupid

Turn into a seducing Cupid in a pink corset lingerie. Wear a garter belt to get the perfect look.


Go Red

Red is the strong colour representing love and sensuality. You can try something in lace like this to surprise your valentine.


Cutout Details

Cutout detailed outfits are trending. So, why not try some cutout detailed work in lingerie? It will look all the more hot!!


Go Floral

Floral print looks cute and fashionable too! If you want to keep it simple yet sultry, then try a sheer floral print lingerie like this to impress your valentine.


Plunging Neckline

A sheer lingerie can tempt your valentine and make him crave for you. Try some plunging neckline which adds a special oomph factor to the look.


Micro-Mini Skirt Style

A lot of men love short mini skirts. They look sexy and can turn up the fire in the bedroom.


Frilly Corset

Frilly corset looks vintage style and can also add a sophisticated touch of femininity. Try it once!


Black Silk Lingerie

It is a classy and one of the hot picks among women. Black is a bold colour which when used in satin silk can flaunt your curves perfectly!



White is another colour which looks elegant and can go well with women who do not like to experiment much. However, try something in lace and get a plunging neckline to add sensuality.


Lace and Silk

This is a sensual combination which can make your man fall on his knees for you! Wear something in lace and silk. Try the sexy colour red.



Dark blue colour can look sultry. Try something in silk and lace to get the perfect look.



Make your man's fantasies come true by turning into an Angel! Wear something in white and do not forget those feather wings.

Image courtesy: Facebook Victoria's Secret

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